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I’m struggling hardcore with that today. Being patient. Especially when I see things that make no sense to me. Over the holidays I have seen people do things for people that don’t appreciate it at all and aren’t good people to begin with. I found out today someone I know gave their truck to my neighbor who I helped get that place to live after they were left living in a church for three months has several children with different women , his wife just gave birth to their second child less than a month ago, begs for money on Facebook, has said he is on disability yet moves better than a lot of people I know yet my wife who had a quadruple bypass surgery in late july and has one lung keeps having to jump through hoops . I know I don’t know everyone’s situation but I don’t get how shitty , entitled, immature people are like this

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I hear you. I think about this a lot too. A long time ago, I onced dreamed of being in politics, because I thought I could make a change for the better, but as I grew older, I realize that arena would chew me up and spit me out without blinking. It’s not for me.

One of the reasons why I avoid social media, aside from the noise, is that as a human being I can’t help but compare my situation with the facade I’m seeing, and not what’s true behind the camera.

This reminded of an observation I had many years ago.

I was at a bank, and I was waiting for my turn. I tend to observe people when I have nothing else to do, and I saw this older gentleman, he was in maintenance, he was working hard, doing lots of stuff, and I could only imagine the hardship he had to endure day in and day out.

Then this boisterous manager shows up, laughing, flirting around with the clerk etc. Acting like this big honcho tool. I then thought about the disparity of the situation there. I doubt that manager is anymore hard working than this man, but here he is, seems to be having the time of his life.

So I thought why is this? Why is this our reality? Is it a cosmic lottery and should I just accept the cards I’m dealt with? How do I get to enjoy? You know, being one of the “lucky” ones.

To this day I don’t know the exact answer to that. All I know is that I need to change my mindset, cause everything starts from there. This is what the subs are doing for us bro.

I recognize my concious mind is corrupted, limited and shackled by everyday programming and conditioning. I’m fighting back with subs man.


You answered it already. It is the mindset, nothing else.

Now just to mindfuck you… The manager was behaving like he had run Ascension and Daredevil? :stuck_out_tongue:


More like diamond, but yeah… :smile:


Feeling somewhat calmer and nonchalant today. Not sure if Khan or EQ. I like it. I wish this was my base feeling.

Either happy, enthusiastic, excited or just calm and nonchalant. No agitation, no excess worry or overthinking.


Been reading for a bit and I just saw this journal from @OldChap

Simply wonderful. Okay I’m staying with my stack for longer.


What Golden Dragon said.


Hmm interesting :thinking:, thanks king


@Apollo Thank you for letting me vent yesterday. A bit mad at myself for letting those things get to me because me feeling that way isn’t going to change anything.


I honestly believe that is the key to making the subs work.

I feel like facepalming myself to Hell and back every time I see people talking about switching subs.

But I’m not their mother, so I wont be nagging them about it. Let them hopefully learn from their mistakes.

There really is a pattern with the success stories. It’s easy to see. Most of the times these people just come and write a post about how their lives have changed. Just kept listening to one sub and took action.

And now that I think about it, they also do not write on the forums for a long time. I think it helps with the Shiny Object Syndrome.


I have been guilty of wanting to but thankfully have stuck to what I’m running
I roll my eyes so much or so hard sometimes at people that I swear I see brain


Can you be my mother please.
Or my father, your choice.


Be careful what you wish for :wink:


Uh oh.
I’m wishing for it now.


Reminds me of my month long run of “Emperor + PCC”. A gentleman is the right word for Emperor energy. And along with PCC, I felt like a gentleman bastard in a powerful way

Read this journal a long time ago and am glad you reminded me of it. One day I have to get back to Emperor (and PCC)


You’re welcome brother. Always. I totally understand how that feels, if I can only translate effectively what I’m feeling, I would have ranted here many more times than I have. Sometimes we just need to vent a bit. We’re human, and we get frustrated.

It’s actually good that we do from time to time, it fuels our drive to change our world.


Lol… I could only imagine the facepalms my journal has garnered… hahaha!

You’re right. I really should focus. Your results, Raph, az, mech, pac, james, Voytek and Brandon’s and many others. All inspiring. Thank you all for sharing, and it may not kick in right now, but it eventually does for someone sometime that the key is focus and consistency.

Now if you could kindly adopt me and Brandon Please. :rofl:

I mean it. :neutral_face:


You’re welcome, brother. This forum is a treasure. There’s so much here to inspire.

I should be consistent. Sometimes I’m tempted not to post as much, but at the same time I still want to journal to force myself to keep at it.

I am prone to be easily swayed. When I saw the old proverb about being flexible and swaying like a bamboo, I may have overdone it. :rofl:

You’re on your way to 100 to enjoy that awesome dapper mindset you developed. Paragon. That’s the missing piece. Stay strong :muscle:


Going back to my previous stack. Did it for 2 months, I could do it longer.

RebirthQ 1x

DR ST1, EQ, PS 3x

SanguineQ 1x

Maybe the occasional ElixirU if still have some time.

Let’s go :muscle:


Strange feeling… I’m excited and enthusiastic for my subs again, and for the results they could bring. I hope this won’t fade.

I’m probably going to be slightly more quiet in the weeks or so to come if I stayed the course with EQ. It’s what it did for me before, however, maybe when my belief in myself is thoroughly overhauled and I feel more centered, I’d be comfortable with myself again.

I want my own flavor of EQ. Not too serious, and I still wish to enjoy the little things in life.

Man, I miss Disneyland.