Reflections of Apollo



@Hoppa where you at???


A minor incident occurred and yup dominance is back. I was calm but direct. I could have handled it with more finesse but alas, one day at a time.


Feeling centered and calm. My mind wandering, and it went around the time, before SC, and how I was feeling like I was drowning, gasping for air as I keep my head above the water of total failure and defeat.

Then my mind switched stations, and focused on my current situation… yes I am still far from the suave, debonaire, collected, Daniel Ocean character I wish to emulate, and yet I feel more free.

The most pressing thoughts in my mind most days is about my stack, how to perfect it, why am I changing it, my irritation towards my discipline and perseverance.

And then it hit me. These thoughts, though stressful and unpleasant, is nothing compared to the thoughts I had months prior.

I am not out of the water yet, but now on a lifeboat. Then another thought entered my mind, just a quick one, but it gave me pause. I am changing.


This is a symptom of not working on goals. :smile:


Hmm not sure yet, I work, earn and go home. No big inspirations yet so far


You don’t need subs for that. What are you playing them for?

How do you want your life & results to change in the next 3-6 months? Write that down.

That’s your goals.


What would Danny Ocean do? :hugs:


Lol. You know I do. I’m going to go crazy if I didn’t have subs to level up from this purgatory…


Are you inspiring me to form a posse of around 11, Simon?.. Hey… wanna go to vegas? :rofl:

Yeah I hear you man. It’ll happen. Inspiration will come…



Interesting. I thought I had mini-Simons all over this place reminding everyone that SC subs don’t work without goals.

279 posts from you in this journal and you’ve evaded this question for the full 2 months. :smile:


What action will one take on DR :smiley:

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan

Replied in your journal. :+1:t2:


And looks like I’ll evade it again at 280 :grin:

Hmm what are my goals exactly :thinking:


I’m a minion of Simonology.



persons of similar persuasion and intent is the preferred term in this day and age :joy:

but your message is propagating :wink:


@Simon is using StarkQ :sunglasses:.


who is lol?

Edit to @pacman’s edit for @Simon

Is this true haha? DR4/A4/ Stark?

AzrielLight EmperorQ

I should organize this better while the year is young. It’ll be my 3rd day since I switched back, and I’ll start from there. This should force me to stay with it.

Day 3


My sleep was better than some nights ago. I am beginning to think my brief experiment with Stark had something to do with that, it’s the only change in my routine. Could be recon, something in Stark gave me some noticeable recon, in one form or another. The 2nd week of testing and I had a massive brain fog and depression; Then I stopped, resumed after a week or so and I couldn’t get a truly restful sleep. I slept late and wake up an hour or two, and then try to sleep again. I can go without eating, I’m used to intermittent fasting, but my kryptonite is lack of sleep. I have to get enough of it, or I’m a wreck during the day. Regardless, it’s still one of my favorites, it made my mood brighter and I was more open with people.

I’m tempted to switch PS to P, if only to make my stack somewhat lighter, I think EQ already has the S part. Not sure. It’s the calming effect of Primal that has drawn me to that sub, the Wu Wei as members have onced referred to it. However the S in PS is always good too. Maybe I’ll give it another month. I’m on my second month now on and off, and 3 months might be better to solidify whatever internal lessons it imparted in my mind.


It does not. :disappointed_relieved:

Try not to use major programs for feelings. MPs have their own short-to-long-term goals, and hence, come with recon. :sweat_smile:

Ultimas are designed / better suited for that purpose. Also, you do not have to feel guilty if you only play Ultimas as needed, and not in a fixed stack. :slight_smile:


Perhaps Raikov is taking effect


Ah drats. That’s good to know.

I think being naturally introverted gave me more palpable recon with Stark, than with EQ. So far it’s been jiving well with me.

I liked Stark though, I will come back to that sub in the future, for sure. Thanks mate.

Will do. Switching between Elixir and SanguineU, although I reintroduced rebirth in my stack the last time we spoke. You’re right.