Regeneration, Elixir, ME and Dreams


I hear you guys! (And thanks!)
The T2 will lie untouched in a folder on my phone. At least for now.

The “wake back to bed” thing didn´t work. I had to get up super early to drive my SO to her work.
(We sold one of our two cars to my son a month ago. Big mistake!)
Instead I played a loop of DreamsU before bed as usual.

The notebook by the bed -thing didn´t work out either. As I didn´t wanna wake up my SO by turning on the lights in the middle of the night, I put the notebook in the kitchen, which I pass on my way to the toilett.
I went to the toilett 2 times during the night but completely forgot the notebook. No memories of any dreams either.

I´ve noticed that, since starting ME, when I´m about to fall asleep and the mind are filled with random visions and thoughts, those visions are very vivid and clear. Almost like fully formed dream scenes. But as soon as I become aware of whats happening, it dissapear.
I must learn how to navigate in this state.


Back on loops today after my 34 hours break.
Feels like the brain absorbs the subs better after a solid rest.

I think that the combination of Regeneration and Elixir is freeing up some resources and energy.
I came home today after a 24-hour shift and went on a long power-walk with my SO, and installed new weather stripes around windows and doors. Usually I´m really tired after those shifts, but today I could just keep on pushing.


Any new observations, mate?


I have plans on shifting to Alchemist in a couple of weeks, so I have tightened up my listening to only RegenQ and ElixirU. Just to squeeze as much healing as possible out of them before the switch.

And now the Dreagon Reborn is released. The master purificator. I have to think really hard on this.

In Alchemy the most important stages are Calcination and purification.
What has not been properly cleansed and purified will be useless in the latter stages.

Israel Regardie stressed the importance of at least one year of psychotherapy before one started the studies in Magick and the Occult. I think he was on to something.

I have about 2 weeks to make up my mind.


Thank you. May I know what’s your purpose of running Alchemist, please? Do you want to become a magician or something like that? It’s an interesting sub but I was wondering on how people may try to apply it to their life.


Well, I have done inner work, in one form or another, for the past 20 years or so.
Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and Rituals.
It has enriched all other parts of life. A small effort has brought great rewards.

The past 6-7 years it has fallen into the background in favor of work and family. I would like to start practice again.
The career-oriented subs, like AM and Emperor, that I would like to run eventually, wont have room to manifest as long as the virus is out of control. So now I have time grow via Alchemist or Dragon.


I´ve decided to drop Regeneration and Minds Eye in favor of Dragon Reborn.
The timing is perfect for this as Regen+Elixir has softening the ground for DR to really dig and burn (or whatever it does).

I will return to Minds Eye when I start Alchemist after DR. I´ll keep Elixir to supplement DR when necessary.

This (small) journal comes has to end here. There will be a new one for the Dragon sub.