RegenerationQ Journey


Never tried Phoenix, I didnt even knew it was a thing till now.


I did Regeneration for 50 days aprox.
I wrote an extensive journal about it if you are interested in the details.


Really inspiring Journal!very subtle sub but you can surely feel the shift


I am feeling more lighter than yesterday. Elixir I will do before going to bed.


I just finished Elixir. I am feeling lighter and grateful. To recap:

I feel lighter
I have more energy
and more


Day 3:
I woke up and went through elixir and than one loop of regeneration. I’m feeling lighter and lighter.


I am feeling great. In my daily stack going forward.


@Joa93 I read your journal regarding regeneration. Thank you. I appreciate your findings.


Day 4:

Things that I notice:

I am feeling lighter than yesterday
I am less tense and more relaxed
I am releasing negative thoughts
I have more energy
My thoughts are more clear

Like I said before, I am keeping this in my daily routine.


I can feel the difference. I’m really liking this. I’m loving every moment of this.


Did you listen to Khan Stg 1 in the past?


Yes, I’ve done about 4 months and still listening.


Nice. How does Khan Stg 1 feel compared to Regeneration?


It’s hard to explain. Khan ST1 is in my daily stack/routine. There are differences. Both are awesome and take different approaches. Both work on different things.




It works on different levels. To really know what I mean, you would have to experience it for yourself.


Fine… what’s in your stack atm?


KhanQ ST1
KhanQ ST4


@Sirchiropractixalot What is in your stack?


Stark and Mind’s Eye currently.