RegenerationQ Journey


Nice. I look forward to reading your journal.


I’m not planning on starting one lol. I am really tempted to get a custom sub with… Regeneration and Khan Stg 1 as cores…


I still look forward to reading your journal. I might be able to decipher my hard to explain meme. lol




Day 5:

Things I notice and feel:

I feel lighter than yesterday.
I have things being dug up and brought to the surface.
I have more energy.
My thoughts are clearer.
I feel more gratitude.


All I can say is wow, as the days go by, I am getting lighter and lighter.


When are you going to float into the quantum realm?


Great to hear your enjoying the progress,
I may add regeneration to my stack in light of this before any next subs
Is your increasing lightness supporting whatever your current goals?


Yes, it is supporting current goals. I feel like i am lighter and lighter as the days go by. @Sirchiropractixalot Have you floated in the quantum realm? If so, share your experience.

On another note, elixir is great. I feel great. I will update Day 6 soon.


No I have not… The Quantum Realm is a fictional realm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Antman was able to visit via his shrinking technology…


Day 6:

Results I noticed so far:

I’m taking deeper breaths.
I feel more energized.
I have an attitude of gratitude.
I feel areas in my body that I noticed had tension but isn’t there anymore.
There are more thoughts being dug up. This is my favourite part.

I am lighter than yesterday.


Day 7:

Results so far:

I feel it digging deeper.
I feel more energy.
I have a bounce in my step.
Thoughts are more clear.
I have an attitude of gratitude.
Different areas of tension in my body. I feel it is cleaning it out.

What do you think guys? 1 year journal


It’s awesome.


RegenerationQ seems to work faster and deeper. It took 3 months for me to get to a consistently calm state on the original.

After one week, Q has cleared more trauma than the previous month.

@khan I keep saying that traumas are the real reason we can’t progress on subs. Once they go, we can see our real selves, which can point to our real talents.


So as it reveals the trauma do we take action and release it?
Look at my journal I created .


@Michel I agree with you, if there are blockages, first the blockages have to be resolved first. Then things will begin to flow. We can take our foot off the brakes. It seems that many have there foot on the brakes and the gas pedal at the same time. I wonder why they burnout when they do that. It should seem obvious. That is why I will run regeneration for at least 1 year.


I will likely do this too, with my custom sub that contains Regeneration.


Day 8

Results that I notice:

My thoughts are more clear.
I am feeling lighter.
I am more relaxed
I feel more radiant.

There are many things being dug up and brought to the surface. I am glad that they are being brought to the surface. I am so grateful. I have an attitude of gratitude.


are you still listening to this stack? and how many loops per day?


I do about 6-12 hours per day. I like to vary it.
Regeneration x 3 for the most part.