RegenerationQ Journey


Day 9

Results that I notice:

Many things being brought to the surface.
I am more relaxed
I am more lighter
I am energetic.

I am liking the aspects of things being dug up and brought to the surface.


If you could quantify how much lighter you feel right now as compared to when you started, how much would it be?


I feel lighter than when I started and each day I feel lighter than the day before. I don’t know how to make it a quantifiable number. If you say a scale from 1 to 10 with one being the lightest and 10 being the heaviest, then there are limits already placed. Is it enough to say I feel lighter than yesterday? I know that to this day that no one has ever counted every grain of sand on 1 beach, let alone all beaches.


How about if we go with a scale from zero to ten?


It’s the same thing.


Day 10

Same as day 9 but more than yesterday.


Day 11

Interesting things happened.
Life is great.

I feel lighter
I feel happier
Thoughts are being dug up
I have way more energy


Very nice. Is this solely due to RegenerationQ? Or are you also doing things like exercising more etc?


I noticed that this is more to do with regeneration. I have more restful sleep as well.



Everything is going well.
Profound understanding.
More energy.
I feel no tension in my body.
I feel lighter than a feather.

I understand everything that @DarkPhilosopher @Hermit @Joa93 have posted here in this forum as I reread and realize the different dimensions that I didn’t realize before. Maybe even they don’t realize exists yet. :wink:


Could you please share some real life experiences…