Request for a new EVERYTHING title for men OR upgrade Khan For Men


Not until I understand what this is. It looks mostly like Emperor to me. :smile:


Awww mannn


I know this sounds good in theory, but in actual practice… it’s not really viable, and I’ll explain why. If we could create a “one sub to rule them all,” we would, because we’d be heroes. The problem is, you can’t brute force the subconscious into submission. The subconscious (if that’s even the proper word for what we’re influencing with subs), is a very mysterious part of the mind and what we’ve already determined is that attempting to change too much at one time is actually detrimental. It triggers more than just reconciliation – it seems to trigger some kind of firewall, or hard limit of what can be adjusted.

I’m sure that limit can be overcome, but it seems to leave a lasting trauma that ends up hurting the individual more than it helps. Look at all the tests the government has run in an attempt at “mind control.” They generally end with permanent mental and emotional damage to the individual. I’m guessing that this “firewall” that the subconscious generates was not meant to be forcefully overcome.

In our tests and research, attempting to forcibly change a ton of aspects about yourself using a kitchensink style subliminal would most likely run into this firewall or rate limiter / whatever you want to call it. Look at what happened when Q-Programmer foolishly ran a Terminus Squared sub for 6 hours straight against our recommendations. He had the worst nightmare of his life, where he was vomiting thumbtacks into a toilet and could literally feel the thumbtacks cutting his esophagus. He also began to experience weird time loops, where the same events would happen over and over, but small elements would change, almost like he was seeing into alternate timelines.

Or, I can tell you the story of a former customer, who jumped straight to Khan ST4 when it first came out, despite our warnings not to do so. It was also his first subliminal. The emotional response was so negative and intensive that he refunded the title and swore off subliminals forever.

We all want faster and more profound results, I get it. But the process of alchemy seems to require more than just passive manifestation and changing your thoughts. You have to take action. Taking action seems to serve as a “handshake” with the subconscious, letting it know that it can safely change. These kitchensink type ideas are the opposite of that. It’s an attempt to just press play and suddenly you’ll have a new reality. But change is hard. Subs make it easy, but change is still hard. I’m not sure if we can avoid that fact…

… for now. :wink:


My dog is called Oreo :eyes:


My goodness! That’s some horror movie level shit!!!

Yeah, that’s true. We want something more powerful all the time. An easier way of doing something or the other. That’s why we invented tools. Like subliminals.

But I hear you. Lets do with what we have and take action…

…And eventually we can make use of more powerful tech later as and when it happens :+1:

And also for now, looking forward to PRIMARCH and Renaissance Man!!!


:grin::grin::grin:that’s sweet!


Exactly, although don’t forget the benefits of the present, customs, DR, etc!


I think a sub that combines the best parts of Emperor and the best parts of Stark would be awesome.


Is it possible to do this? lol


can this happen from stacking too much or with too much diversity?

have you considered military torture technology to further fund research

edit: for the record this was a joke :joy:


Well THAT escalated quickly :rofl:


I should probably specify I was kidding


One Sub to rule them all
One sub to excavate all potentials of man and find them
One sub to merge it all
and unfortunately for results-in the subconcious firewall Bind Them

Looks like the request for everything sub would be as dark as the ring that inspired it :frowning:


Even if you were, I’m still kind of intrigued at the prospect. Though the last thing America specifically needs is subliminal powered super soldiers after the subs end up finally processing. Y’all are crazy enough with your military spending down there already :wink:


this was a Stark thought lol

That is true

Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Survival Instinct- would probably aid military or law enforcement personal greatly

with some Video Game Mastery and Call of Duty on the side-you got a super solider in the works


Stop. Giving. Them. Ideas. :eyes:


Exactly. Something like Khan but with a more well rounded focus, to be the best version of ourselves. Not just socially, sexually or love life, but everything.

EQ is a bit too serious (I see it on me), Stark is a bit too open. I’ve been thinking, what would a combination of both be like? So my attention went into Khan. Could that be the answer I’ve been looking for?

This is what I’m trying to achieve with my stack right now. The best of both EQ and Stark.

DR for emotional healing, EQ for strength of character, focus and confidence, PS for being more social, comfortable in my own skin and to fulfill that more primal part of my being.

I wanted to include Stark for everything that it has to offer, and yet all of these together would be too heavy, not unless made into a cohesive multistage program. I’m on the fence now with my StarkU testing, but I have to read more to gain a better understanding.


When you say the best parts from each is that the inner world (self-esteem, discipline and focus) of Emperor and the outer world (charisma, social skills and seduction) of Stark?


No, Q has been developed in a way that it doesn’t trigger this. Terminus and Terminus Squared can. Ultima can at higher loops – say six or more (I recently experienced this myself).

People are starting to spread a misconception that Stark is somehow “not alpha” or “less alpha” simply because it’s unisex, and that’s simply not true. When we make unisex titles, we aren’t “avoiding masculine concepts.” Stark isn’t “open,” it’s just not that “hard edge” alpha that some men want. Stark is about innovation and social dominance, so yes – it may make you seek social interaction. But, let’s make it clear, in those interactions, you’ll be the dominant individual.


This is exactly why my post count has skyrocketed in the past couple months because I’ve been seeking social interaction and I’m in a lockdown and don’t have any actual social media anymore haha.

I’m guessing if someone wanted this, like I do, Godlike Masculinity and or The Commander would be something to stack alongside it?

I feel like unintentionally I am one of those people, I apologise for this as I’ve been speaking about how I felt more alpha on Khan compared to Stark but again Khan and Stark have different ways of being an alpha. Your explanation is how I meant it to come across, but I’ve spread misconception it appears. My apologies.


Ohh, that explains too why I’m getting more involved in here. Not complaining, actually I like it.

Same idea came to my head, if someone seeks that edge, why not add some Ultimas?