Request for a new EVERYTHING title for men OR upgrade Khan For Men


On continued testing I would say Stark is Alpha AF!

It true it doesn’t have the hard edge that Khan or Emperor bring, or even AM

But its super confident, and socially dominant, aloof and indifferent to BS and chasing and focused on what matters. (Even more then Emperor-on Emperor the pull is to knock everything off my plan and to do list-so far on Stark today, I’ve been only looking to do what really matters)


I uses to think all I needed was confidence or to become an Alpha Male when in reality all I wanted was to be comfortable in my own skin and be able to live my life without all the baggage.


Could one add Primal or Ascension to a stack with Stark or would that be too much?

Still trying to figure out what to do after DR ST 2.


My apologies as well if my post contributed to the misconception. I actually really like Stark. I’ve gotten some good news and lucky breaks while on it. I meant open in a way that I express my thoughts more, when naturally I’d keep it to myself, or type something long and then delete it at the last minute. With Stark I feel much more carefree when expressing myself. It’s new to me because I grew up among intensely critical people.

Like brandon, I also found myself talking a lot more when using Stark. I like it, and I don’t want the hard intense alpha cause I’m already naturally introverted.

I guess that increased expressiveness is surprising me, for the lack of a better word, and yes my recon was pretty intense while on it.

I think it’s because it’s installing something very different to what I am used to. I felt this in the 2nd week, when I am guessing it’s starting to get in really deep.


I’m sure this has to do with the Law of Vibration, everyone has a Frequency that is also related to the energetic mass of an object. The higher your Energy, the faster time flies by as many of us have experienced, similarly the higher our Energy the more easily we are able to manifest and therefore resulting in more expeditious changes of internal/external reality.

The Firewall might be a block from our Subconscious which is a hard limit that when exceeded it has no energy left to keep the unconscious activities up and running. Just a thought but it makes a lot of sense in regards to alchemical observations I’ve had in the past.

So as our planet is shifting in Frequency from the Ascension process and the Schumann Resonance is raising its pulse as well, we’re able to manifest at a higher rate and therefore change more swiftly, allowing any manifestation tool; including subliminal or any other alchemical practice to be more powerful because overall energy of every being on the planet has been raised. Time will go by faster but we’ll also live longer so everything will stay in balance.


no one liked my poem, I will internalize this lack of external validation as confirmation that I shall officially end my career as an Ultimate Artist.


DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal

Yeah for sure,
Both Primal and Ascension would be great additions to Stark.
Especially as cores in a custom. If your running DR. Add Stark first then stabilize on that, then add primal or ascension.


I just had to go back and see whether my Like registered on that post. And my like is there! (Wagging my fingers at you) grrr



I want to be the very best,
Like no one has ever been.
To execute ONE Sub is my real test,
To have it all is my cause!
(I will request in this forum,
requesting far and wide.
ONE Subliminal to contain
All the subliminals that I want!)
ONE Sub!
Gotta contain em’ all!
It’s you and me,
I know it’s my destiny!
ONE Sub!


whaaat! lol l appreciate that, I totally missed it that before I wrote my other comment. Or it could have been a net lag.

but your ‘grrrr’ and finger wag has appropriately registered :slight_smile:


that was great.
Subliminal ball-GO!


Haha! Nice one, @King. That was the whole point of the request. For my part, I think it was a bit early to ask for it now. Maybe next year we will see something close to ONE SUB after Renaissance Man and PRIMARCH are released. If not, will make a custom


Haha, ofcourse! Since i made a similar poem a week or 2 back, it is only right that I like your ultimate artistry :grin:


Super Soldier Project is definitely in the works, as requested by @dorfmeister in The Operator thread.

Not sure if it’s the same as the Hero program.

Potentially another multi-stage evolution from Survival Instinct & Spartan – distinct from Emperor Fitness.


@Simon - do you think there is a difference between Project Hero and PRIMARCH? Or is it the same?


All I know about Primarch is that it is an Ultima, and it started as something for Saint’s personal goals. No idea what modules it is composed of.

I don’t know what Project Hero is about either :smile: , but if it’s a soldier, it would need to be a Q major, and I don’t remember becoming one to be among Saint’s priorities.



One of my hypnosis mentors refers to it as the “Watchdog”. That part of us that prevents new information from coming in unless it’s accepted by the user. I’m sure I’m butchering that, but that’s what he calls it lol


Dear @SaintSovereign an upgrade to Khan is a legit request. Based upon all the feedback since the release of Q. And your upgraded wisdom since the release of the original Khan. It would be a powerful tool for 2021.

I know, too much work. But it’ll be greatly appreciated and everyone here would be grateful of you.

Thanks :pray:


Have to concur regarding a Khan upgrade. SC has made quite a few leaps in scripting advancements since Khan was first released.


It would be great if Mogul was upgraded too. :heart_eyes: