Request for a new EVERYTHING title for men OR upgrade Khan For Men


I hope this Super Soldier project can also help those with poor motor skills and cognitive disorders.


Primarch is a precursor to Hero, both of which are in active development. Our very own @DarkPhilosopher is testing Primarch, with a public test being planned.


Based on some offshoot of PRIMARCH being in Diamond Ultima and PRIMARCH being a precursor to Project Hero, the former sounds like a foundational or should I say skeleton to the whole physical shifting and healing titles that will be coming in 2021. Really neat


Well, every hero needs a superpower. An erection that can cut through glass is not the most useful one, but it’s unique at least.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Tripod!


Haha! I get the Diamond Ultima reference


Yea this thumbthack stuff is real

I had a dream with a witch that was trying to control me, but also get my help with something (damsel in distress type of situation with a witch and her dog was there too). Reminds me of an ex + someone else. Anyways. like she kept complaining and worrying and asking me to do things she was crazy neurotic (reminds me also of myself in certain situations to be fair)

At some point I stood up to her, she did something like a spell I guess that felt like my testicles were being pressed hard and moved around in the nut sack. And I felt it very real. Like as I woke up my nuts still felt … weird. A bit painful and twisted of sorts.

Weird dream. That changed me :wink:

Really though, the dreams are awesome. I think it’s also Dream Traveleler module. Growth never stops. I love it. Every night I look forward to my dreams and sleep life. So awesome. Love it.



That’s interesting, I ran into a phenomenon that might be related. I kind of had memories of two different versions of events. I did know which one really happened, but the other one seemed just as solid for a while there. And that was just on Q. It did seem like a good thing, but very odd.


I’m finding it super useful, I tripped today and it broke my fall, like a tripod coming into place.


I want to experience those time loops too. Which subs allow me to most easily experience them.

How do you feel when reconciliation hits you?

A sub for sexual transmutation would be good especially in this lockdown time.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if sexual urges automatically turned into sexual transmutation or sexual manifestation?


So, you’re telling me that instead of a kickstand…

You’ve evolved a dickstand?


Try an overdose of Stark Terminus. There were 2-3 reports in the SQT main thread. :+1:t2:


Hmm will experiment next week when I am done with 30 days of DR ST1.


Don’t do it, it’s no fun at al if your system goes crazy.
And I don’t see a benefit from that. You only go a damage your psyche


I’m inclined to agree with @Dragonrider in the sense of please be cautious.

@King if you want to experiment, that might prove helpful. Perhaps writing about the results will benefit others. On the other hand, I’d encourage you to monitor for any physical symptoms. I’m on day 5 of my rest day, and I still feel something going on in my head. I encourage caution.


Why even test it out when there is plenty of reports that overexposure is causing that.
Please Bro be kind and respectful to yourself



Back in 2019, well before Q/T/T², I experimented with running Khan ST4 with multiple instances & speeds, with a lot of weird occurrences. I never really tied it to the strange T² experiences (T² works fine for me), but it fits, since I was basically trying to brute force Khan.


Still hoping for a Khan v2 :smiley:


What do you want out of a Khan V2?