Road to Realisation (Trans.Med.3) - Emp, UA, Rebirth


Day 18 - 5th of November 2019 - 62h of Emperor
Yesterday again something very uhh lets say extreme happened. And while I reacted I still… notice something profoundly has changed. Not so long ago I really would have cried in despair.
But … while I was still somewhat anxious… I was calm. Because deep inside I know I am being protected. I knew this before but it sunk deeper in. I reflected the situation that would have caused me to feel hopeless and lost because I thought everything would crumble down in an instant. And then there was single thought popping up “How could I still doubt?
This was powerful. Wow. There are such amazing things happening in my life lately and right now.
Fantastic progress, mind-blowing manifestations left and right, it gets easier and easier to be the new me…I am just amazed, you know?
No, I can’t doubt any longer.
At this point it would be madness to doubt.


Day 20 - 7th of November 2019 - 66h of Emperor
I just did it. I just registered my business. I can start earning money now.
I’m still perplexed. You have to know I am planning to do this for years, but I always resigned because I found an excuse like the bureaucracy is hard etc. I would always delay it. Now it is finally here.
Today, a life dream came true.


Congrats on taking that step and solidifying your position! What kind of business is it? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. That’s the next great thing: I had the freedom not to specify what I am planning to do very much, so I just wrote “Mainly Online-Marketing”. And as we all know… well, that could mean anything and everything :smiley: So I am free in trying stuff out, messing around and see what pans out.


Amazing dude. Congratulations. You deserve it!


Thank you man!


Are you thinking affiliate marketing? Drop shipping? Writing copy? What things are you messing around with? :smiley:


Right now I am in the process of publishing a book, after that Ill try affiliate marketing, web design, agency stuff etc.


Day 21 - 8th of November 2019 - 68h of Emperor
So this is what being a workaholic feels like. The guests will come on 23rd. Today is the 8th. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done and I… well I just want to get this book finished so I can present it. Right now I have some issues because I payed a designer but I cant detail my order because I dont know the dimensions yet because the text isnt finished and formatted yet… I am taking a break right now to write this. I plan on working a whole loop of UA, then take a break for some minutes and continue. Ill get this done. I know it


What kind of book are you writing?


It deals with panic attacks and how to create a new life.


Nice! That’s awesome :smiley:


Day 22 - 9th of November 2019 - 68h of Emperor
There is a crucial lack in my behaviour. I lack the ability to relax. From the outside I may be calm but internally I am so shaky. Especially when I get the feeling work is overwhelming me.
I lay down to calm down and it takes a long time to actually calm down for me. Very exhausting.


Day 23 - 10th of November 2019 - 70h of Emperor
Yesterday was very very rough… oh man… I reacted to something that has been chasing me for a long time in a way I actually shouldnt. Now I keep thinking about what if I just created more from that. Damn it.
The stupid thing is, with certain things in life there is no “final battle” where you can just slay the dragon and that’s it. Usually it happens gradually… and is tiresome…
My book is finished. Actually just the text. Ill still have to add some little things and correct it… but that’s pretty much it. After that… man I really look forward to finishing the project and taking time off.
Ill finally have some time from myself in nature, away from everyone and everything… and then Ill solely concentrate on my healing and manifestation-game… after that Ill continue the business stuff.
But yeah, I absolutely need some rest from years of … life, I guess.


Congrats on finishing your book, man. That’s huge!!!


congrats :slight_smile:

feeling is quite nice heh?


Day 24 - 11th of November 2019 - 72h of Emperor
Noticed yet another thing. I feel like… I am not really proud of my accomplishments. I have a sense of accomplishment and that I did something really meaningful in general, but its not like “woah… I actually did that…”-feeling. It doesnt blow my mind. I am not sure if this is normal or not but I noticed it again with the book project. I finished a book. Everyone congratulates me. And I am just like… oh well, I look forward to my time out. Maybe I will feel something when I hold the book in my hands. I dont know.
I tidied up my room a little bit. It looked like some sort of saloon I worked in the last 10 nights straight haha.


Do you by any chance struggle with perfectionism?


Hm I dont think so. I want to get the book released ASAP, so I can hold it in my hands and present it. I will deal with all the errors and corrections afterwards, in a new version.
There definitely was a time when I was super perfectionistic and probably it still shows sometimes, but I cultivated a more… economic side. I see how long something takes to create and compare it to how effective it would be. If it doesnt match, I toss it away for maybe later


Day 27 - 14th of November 2019 - 76h of Emperor#
Seems like I have gotten into the place where women start to look at you… Not really interested yet, but very obvious. It happened just with some women though… I think time will show and the numbers will grow.
Now to something completely different. The dinner-party where I want to present my book is next week, 23rd. Today is the 14th. Lets do the math.
My designer says he will be finish on sunday, that is the 17th. I still got a lot of work to do, for example I have to review the material, build the website and so on. When he is finished, we got 6 days left. Amazon needs 3 days to print the book and maybe 1 day to delive it, if I choose amazon prime. Meaning the whole story has to be finished on Thursday, at the very latest…
I will save time whereever I can and concentrate solely on the book first, so that I can release and present it. Afterwards I can still update it. So I will cut off anything that doesnt need to be done immediately.