Road to Realisation (Trans.Med.3) - Emp, UA, Rebirth


Day 28 - 15th of November 2019 - 76h of Emperor
Ok… there is a bunch of stuff wrong with the project and it gets really intense now.
But I know everything will be fine and I will hold this damn book in my damn hands on damn saturday next week.
Edit: selfconfidence is pretty low lately… Maybe it is part of some reconciliation


I am just reading this. Congratulations!!! :star::star::fireworks::fireworks::tada:


Day 31 - 18th of November 2019 - 80h of Emperor
I did it! I **** did it! I completed the book! Damnit yes! YES YES YES!
Gosh, I cant believe it.


nicely freaking done.



Day 32 - 19th of November 2019 - 81h of Emperor
Btw. is there any of you guys experienced in selling/sales talks? I am going to have a meeting soon with someone who will try to sell me a financial plan and I know he is very slick.
I made up my mind not to buy and I know he will start to dig deeper. Anybody got some strategies/ideas on this?


The AIDA principle.

Attention: grab the attention of the possible customer
Interest: turn there attention into interest
Desire: turn there interest into a desire for the product or service
Action: try to sell the particular product or service now your possible customer has the desire to buy.

When after the action when he decides to sell you anything he will start argumentation with you.
It goes like this:

You have a particular reason you don’t want his product or service.

  1. He’ll first of all shows interest in why you don’t want it
  2. Second he’ll tell you, he understands your argument (even if he don’t it’s just a mind trick)
  3. Third he’ll ask some deeper questions on your argument (again even if the questions don’t make sense it’s psychological tricks)
  4. Fourth he’ll re-argument against your argument

And this cycle basically repeats itself until he has sold you the product or service.


Being as aware of someone else’s needs and desires as you are of your own is a fairly natural way to increase your protection against manipulative tactics.

If he’s like most UNENLIGHTENED salespeople, he’ll present the fiction that the only issue on the table is your needs and desires. The only real desire he has, in that fiction, is to help you to fulfill your needs and desires. If the conversation gets too close to his own, he’ll become irritated and steer it back to your need (for whatever he’s offering).

So, go into the interaction with the mindset that you ALREADY HAVE what you need. Focus on understanding the person in front of you; his story, his motivations, his drives. Give the gift of your empathic attention rather than your bank account.

Again, if he’s an UNENLIGHTENED sales person, he’ll manufacture an artificial sense of time-urgency. His only desire in the world is to finally give you all that you need, but unfortunately he’ll only be able to do that if you act now, with your money. Otherwise, he can’t guarantee how long this amazing window of opportunity that is just perfect for you will remain open.

That’s not true. It’s just something people say when they’re trying to pull you in. So, if you do feel genuinely interested in what he’s offering, ask for some information so you can go home and look through it and think about it without someone talking in your face.

And so on.


Excellent advice gentlemen, thank you very much.
I must admit, he than is rather an “enlightened” one, meaning he asks you for example what you want to get out of the talk etc. What is true though is that he talks a lot about the future, ie “being able to give your grandkids bucks and presents here and there” and “how much money do you want to have in your disposal when you are old?” etc.
Since he seem to have been really well trained I assume he will start to dig deeper into my arguments, for example if I say “I dont want to because xyz” he will ask “Alright, apart from that, is there another reason?”
He works with this “0-risk”-stuff and Ill tell him flat out, “I am the 100% risk-guy”, and that is even true, and the reason why I am not interested in paying for something I am supposed to enjoy when I am 60-70yo.
So instead of confronting his arguments directly and trying to prove him false, which I cant because he has much more expertise in this regard, I will stick with personal reasons.
My trump is that he doesnt know that I know about what he is trying to do (I all recommend you read Frank Bettger guys) So I can play a bit along.
Any more suggestions?


Well, it seems like you do have your own reasons for meeting with him. Are you very clear on what those are? Your own integrity is your greatest resource.


Yes, I want to hand a few of my books in return of some amazon-reviews and I thought it would be pretty nice if I could get them to recommend my book on a specific seminar I attended last time, because the topics do match.
Also, I want to keep it short. The meeting last time took too long.


Day 34 - 21. of November 2019 - 85h of Emperor
I had a dream in which a girl told me I am going to die in 4 years.
This is just a metaphor, right? A joke-thing. A misunderstanding. Pretty sure.


Hearty Congrats, @ExploringAstronaut. I aim to achieve the same as you as in writing books. Very inspiring :ok_hand:


Yes, dreams are usually symbolic.

It could represent that in 4 years you will be a completely new person than what you thought the trajectory of your life was going to be.

In addition - time in dream world does not equate to time in waking world


Day 35 - 22. of November 2019 - 87h of Emperor
Oh man… having a business surely is tough. But it is a lot of fun also.
Lets talk about emperor.
I was very surprised that I felt pretty insecure and weak lately. When I was outside, which happened rarely because I was working all day, I feel like I have some sort of armor on. I felt secure somehow but also insecure at the same time. It felt like I was faking it. Very irritating.
My theory is that it is a struggle between the old insecurity and the new, secure version of myself.
This led me to the conclusion that I may need to change some things. Right now I am listening for about 2 hours a day to emperor. With pauses inbetween.
I plan on getting this up to 3hours,20 minutes. To do that Ill need to wake up earlier.

I also feel like, regarding my business, the broad spectrum of emperor sometimes is a weakness.
What I really like about emperor is that it stopped me from thinking about my social life and whining about it and focusing more on the business. You can say, with emperor I stopped missing it, for the most part, except for the women-part.
What I need now is an actual focus on business, earning money and, for god’s sake, stop wasting time.
I thought about EoG for this, but it would take too long and I want to turn to EoG later on. So I will mix AM and Emperor.
Now, here is an old problem emerging: What about creativity and healing?
I said I would concentrate on healing and manifesting/visualising completely once I have set my business up. I think that is the best solution. Cut out Limitless, BL, UA and Rebirth for now, concentrate solely on making money. Then automate it, go on vacation and concentrate more on this stuff.
My plan for 2020 is to build multiple businesses that provide for me and my family, enabling me to look for an apartment for myself. And I also want to take care of my social/dating life, once I have everything set up, so it will probably be a EoG-Khan-S&S-QL-Alchemist-thing.
Dont ask me how I plan to do this. I dont know myself.


Don’t worry about how you’ll do it. Put a detailed idea in your mind of what you want to manifest, the ideas and coincidences will manifest itself later. :slight_smile:


I dont mean that I dont know how Ill build the businesses, I mean I have no idea how to
listen to EoG-Khan-S&S-QL-Alchemist in one year :sweat_smile:


Day 36 - 23. of November 2019 - 90h of Emperor
Digging a bit in self-pity right now. Feel frustrated because I broke some streaks and dont live up to my standards. Also because the guests are coming in a few hours, and I still dont hold the book in my hands. Could defend myself now and state why and it isnt my fault etc. but it really doesnt matter.
Had a hell of negative self talk today. Things like “Oh, look who is there, lonely and miserable. Feeling happy now? Watching other people having fun and actually being human and doing things most people consider absolutely normal while you dwell in self-pity surely feels good, right? You know what? It also is familiar cuz you have spent your whole life like this” And so on and so forth. This guy got some pretty hard jabs.
That was quite interesting because I hadnt have anything like that since I started running Emperor.
When it happened, there was always since advocat in me.

I feel like emperor dug out some shit. Didnt feel so good lately. It is not that I want something in particular like money or friends or girls or anything. I just want to be able to find a way to actually do what I said I’d do. It feels so pathetic falling into the same traps again and again.

Anyway, I guess reading this you got depressed yourself. Here is the good part: It will pass.


You never know what it was good for.

Maybe you can recall your feeling from that day before your guests arrive?

Day 31 - 18th of November 2019 - 80h of Emperor
I did it! I **** did it! I completed the book! Damnit yes! YES YES YES!
Gosh, I cant believe it.

Have a nice day and dont worry!


Thanks man. You too.

Somehow it is like a meditation actually. I planned so long and so much for it to be perfect and now it wont happen. And I am pretty calm about it. It makes you realise how… stupid and unrelevant it actually is. You just say “Ok…” and thats it.


Day 36 - 23. of November 2019 - 91h of Emperor
Thought I am going to update you on what happened. Well… I am glad I didnt have the book finished.
There was a lot going on and I would have been disappointed because I wont have gotten the admiration of the persons I wanted. Basically I learned how foolish it was from me that I wanted to impress them. I would have been absolutely devastated.

But you know what? We talked about my motives, and I said for me it is important to earn money without harming anyone. The man I talked to must have thought I was pretty idealistic, meaning he thought I didnt care about money at all, which is just not true, and he said something I will not forget.
“You know, you too will not change the world. The world will stay just as it is but you have to find a place in it that is comfortable for you.”
He doesnt acknowledge me.
You know why this is so much more precious for me than if he’d just said he finds it cool or amazing that I have written a book?