Road to Realisation (Trans.Med.3) - Emp, UA, Rebirth


Day 37 - 24. of November 2019 - 91h of Emperor
Cancelled the meeting with the financial-stuff-whatever-guy.
I dont care if he considers it rude. I dont have time for this bs now.


If you want to change the world you definitely can. Don’t listen to anyone out there.


Day 38 - 25. of November 2019 - 91h of Emperor
Must say I really underistemated AM. Glad I got it. Using it right now to clean my room.
The boost you get to get things done is just amazing.
Btw. I thought about Emperor v4. People reading this journal may think I only listened to emperor v3 for 90 hours, but thats not true. Before I listened hundreds of hours to the ultrasonic version of v3, until I noticed it doesnt work so well for me.
When v4 comes out I will write how many hours I had in total for each version. So I am at nearly 500h of emperor in total.


That is awesome.


Day 40 - 27. of November 2019 - 94h of Emperor
There is something funny I got to tell you. My book isnt published yet and part of the reason is that the design is in heavy delay. Well, not only that but I actually decided I was not going to use it.
And what am I going to do instead? Exactly, Ill do it by mself. Meaning I wasted 100 bucks.
Well thats okay. It is my first project after all. Funny thing is the reason why you outsource in the first place is so that you dont have to do it by yourself. But I noticed I am very critical about the work freelancers do, because I want it to be a high quality product. Not just mass-garbage they sell everywhere and that looks identical to the rest. When I do something, I want it to be good quality. Period.

The other thing I wondered about is I should change subs and to what exactly.
I started listening to Emperor early September, so I am 3 months in listening to it nearly every day, except for rest days. I feel like that is it. Emperor has done everything it could do for me, or let me put it this way: It feels like I have hit a place where progress is made very very slowly. I feel like I stopped making progress.
I am currently thinking about a combination of QL, Alchemist and Emperor v4 but I am not sure.
Am I too impatient?


Day 41 - 28. of November 2019 - 96h of Emperor
Met the next person who offered me a great business opportunity.


@ExploringAstronaut - that “ooh yeah, come to daddy” feels when life is coming your way.


Day 45 - 2nd of Dezember 2019 - 105h of Emperor
I noticed the limitless-part of the script getting more embedded. One of the first times I noticed this was when I was at the restaurant with a friend a few days ago and I saw a woman and I said “Ah look, she is the same from last time.” He replied: “Really? I dont know.” Well, last time we were at the restaurant was around March, more than half a year ago. That was funny.
Anyway, I just submitted my book to amazon, but I am not going live yet. I will finish the essential parts of the website, the people who buy the book need, and then go online, so the customers dont get angry because they feel betrayed. But what I will do is order some pre-published versions I can show off with infront of family and friends. I mean…Comeon! We gotta be honest here! :joy:
I just know my mother will be proud of me and it will be a nice surprise since I havent told her what I am doing.


Day 47 - 4th of Dezember 2019 - 108h of Emperor

  • Show your mother the book you have written so she can be proud of you and stops thinking you are just sitting infront of the computer all day, doing nothing :white_check_mark:

I feel a sense of relief now. Finally I have reached this milestone. There are a few things left I have to re-do regarding the book before I publish it, but that’s okay. I can slow down a little bit.
Oddly enough, even though I have the evidence of my competence right there lying in my hands, I am less confident and sure about this whole thing than normally.
Guess this will flat itself out.

I have thought about my plans for 2020. Looks like I will just continue to run Emperor, as it seems like I am the type of person you has to run it for a long time, to reap all the benefits. Maybe Ill use Alchemist with it in order to solve an issue, but time will show.
Does anyone know which version of Limitless is in Emperor v3?


@ExploringAstronaut - congrats, man. No matter how you feel about your book, you have to be given props for following through and getting published. Want to be in your place one day and show off my books to my parents too. But for that, I gotta start.

Am not enquiring too much into your work but just out of curiosity, is it fiction or nonfiction?


Wow, thank you.
If you want some advice, I highly recommend you burn the ships. No options.
So the only way is the way forward. After that, you just need to get started and you’ll get into the flow easily. Especially when you listen to subliminals while you work. It doesnt matter which subliminal it is, but the monotonic sound puts you in an alpha-state where it is easier to concentrate. The hardest part is to get started in the first place.
The book is non-fiction.


Excellent advice, @ExploringAstronaut. Thank you.


Day 49 - 6th of Dezember 2019 - 117h of Emperor
The worst thing about humans is, you never really know if you can trust someone.


Day 51 - 8th of Dezember 2019 - 117h of Emperor
I decided to stop listening to any subs for 2 days a week now, whilst before it was only one day.
Reason being is I feel like this is actually more efficient in terms of seeing results and making them more permanent and my mind has more time to process all this, since it is a very heavy amount of information.
Anyway, what I wanted to notice here is that I get the feeling… I dont know how to describe it.
I feel like my reality is moving towards absolute chaos. In a good sense.
Manifestations and miracles are becoming a part of my day-to-day life. You could say I got used to insanity :sweat_smile:
I have some friends who are also messing around with manifesting and we noticed it is getting easier and easier. It seems to be a global phenomena.
There are things happening/manifesting which are just plain right ridiculous.
I guess if you are reading this you might think I’ve lost it. Well, I think you actually need to be quite stable mentally to not go mad. But try it out. Manifest something.
I can almost assure you, you will notice how easy it is “nowadays”.

Going to meet a potential business partner who is very spiritual in a few hours. (Another manifestation)
Will get to know him closer and see if we can work together on something.

Edit: Awful day. High levels of anxiety and feeling depressed. Feel so weak. This day sucks.


So nice to read your journal. Which subliminal do you think contributed most to your manifesting ability?


Glad you like it.
Well… there arent many (manifestation-focussed) subs I listened to in the past so far.
Let me try to explain. I dont think Emperor helped me with manifesting directly, rather indirectly.
Meaning through Emperor I found back to Neville Goddard, started doing the practice and got to the point where I am now. Nonetheless, there are manifestations caused by Emperor I cant deny, and I mean these business-opportunities and mentors.
It didnt help me actively to get better at manifesting but it manifested things/people for me who can help me in my endeavour and/or who can help me with manifesting.
Hope this makes sense.


Cool. These days I’ve been keeping to mainly Subliminal Club products as well as Neville Goddard’s teachings to reach my goals so I guess we are on the same page.


Day 51 - 8th of Dezember 2019 - 117h of Emperor
Remember: “The worst thing about humans is, you never really know if you can trust someone.”?
I am happy to announce I was mistaken about this specific issue. The thing that is even worst than lack of trustworthiness among humans sometimes is, that sometimes you get a piece of information and come to conclusions that are just false. Misunderstandings. These can deal huge damage. Very huge.


I will begin to count my time with emperor in a new way now.
Since I started listening to emperor v4 now, I will sum up all days and write the hours I have listened in the title.
So from now on it will look like this:
Day 102 - 9th of Dezember 2019 - 117h/Emperor v3 (M), 377h v3(Ultra), 1h v4 (M)
So all in all these are… well, nearly 500h. I can imagine this could look very confusing, so I will see if it works or not.

Edit: Ill just credit this to Emperor v4, I just noticed thoughts emerging, negative thoughts from the past, about politic and the whole bs around it. Just read Saint mentioning it also deals with the imposter syndrome, which I can imagine will help me tremendously because I still got some limiting beliefs about my work here and there.


Day 103 - 10th of Dezember 2019 - 117h/Emperor v3 (M), 377h v3(Ultra), 2h v4 (M)
Thinking about going up to 4h of day of Emperor… I have to see.
Had a nasty cold so I couldnt do much but little tasks. My guess for now is that I actively sabotaged emperor through self-destructive behaviour. In this way, some parts of the program seem to have a harder time coming to fruition.
I dont know about the scripting of Emperor in this regard but what I also want to be is someone you dont even attempt to scam.
I still remember this last guy and his supplements he wanted to sell me… Now I had met another potential business partner and he told me about a reiki master he is friends with and the master told him to bring friends with him… First red flag in this regard.
I’m just tired of always considering the option someone is bullshiting me.
I do trust people a lot and I enjoy doing so. I dont want to become bitter or angry because of scammers. I want to be someone they dont dare to scam.