Running 1-2 Q loops during day or night?


Don’t listen to khan, he suggest something Saint compared to cramming, eating much more than you can digest. What Saint suggest is setting the best pace for your learning by listening to your body/mind reactions. That’s the only advisor you should listen to… plus Saint and Fire of course.


I’m agree about finding a sweet spot. There is no disagreement. This is what I am saying also. We all process things at different speeds. That is why I always say question everything and experiment. How do you know what your sweet spot is if you don’t increase or decrease to find out. Again, experiment to find out. :smile:


Yeah I was doing Q loops the same as the previous tech loops when I first got StarkQ, I don’t think I saw when it was posted it was to do less, and it took some time to process but definitely worked. I lowered my loops last night and feel better waking up now.