RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A



Could you comment about your philosophy or rational behind your spreadsheet? I’m interested in any over arching ideas behind it, as you seem to be very analytical.

For me, I tried to consider how modules might directly or indirectly facilitate a goal or experience. For example, for college/university/students I included obvious ones such as Quantum Limitless (learning) and Inner Circle (friendships). However I also included some less obvious ones such as Codename: Umbra (for safety).



Thank you for posting your updates!

I might look them over again this week and think about it more.

Also, the idea about uploading or sending spread sheets is intriguing.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire is there a way to upload or at least make available spreadsheets for people to exchange and get ideas for designing customs or playlists?



I ran Khan each stage I think for 45 days each, and I wished I had run each stage longer. I think the original recommendation by @SaintSovereign or @Fire was to run each stage of a multi-stage program for 30 days minimum. I know 60 seems like a long time. I sympathize. Of course, you could do 30 days. Or 45. Or 39. :grin:

From my perspective, 60 days per stage is a way of re-assuring myself that the message should be clear to my subconscious with that many days of input. So that is my rationale.

If you can’t do 6 loops, no worries. Q is a dense format compared to the previous technologies like PrimalTech. Perhaps 1 loop a day is all you truly need. Perhaps 1 loop a day for 30 days is all you need. That’s the thing about subliminals, there doesn’t seem to be any definitive way to do them, although some methods seem better than others, which is why I refer to the article on recommended listening methods.

It’s possible 2 to 3 loops might be all you need. This is where monitoring results could be really helpful. I personally push as many loops as possible, and only reduce the loops if I have headaches, fatigue, overwhelm, etc.

As for Ultimas… remember I’ve been using this technology for a while so I think I’ve adapted to be able to use more.

I run Ultimas of Blue Skies, LU, Dreams, and Beast Within. When I run them, I do only 1 loop of each. This means that some days I’m listening to 4 different ones a day.

Remember, just because I do something, doesn’t mean you should. :grin:

Since in this case I’m not abiding by the guidelines, I carefully monitor for overwhelm, fatigue, etc.


It would be fascinating to have a Regeneration Ultima to go along with Elixir Ultima. Run that for a year



I wonder what would happen if 20% of the world’s population did so. How much different of a place might it be?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I officially vote for Regeneration Ultima, if that becomes possible. However my guess is that they are working on a technology now that could be used for Regeneration that will make Ultima look like a tricycle.


The mental and emotional maturity alone would be so much fun to experience and learn from

Yes please @SaintSovereign @Fire

Can @RVconsultant and I test it?


@RVconsultant What does the RV stand for?


Remote Viewing :slight_smile:

@RVconsultant when you do a RV sessions yourself, do you feel a rush of energy all throughout your body, just before the oob experience?



@Hurrikane is correct about RV meaning remote viewing.

OOB experience and remote viewing are different. I don’t know much about OOB. I think Robert Monroe was one of the more prominent people regarding OOB.

Remote viewing I think is better conceptualized as attention management. (I think that is Ed Dames’ conceptualization, which I concur.) There are times when I have the subjective experience I’m at the site, but I’ve not gone any where, and I’m not seeing things at the site as sensory input for example. It’s more of a sense that my mind or consciousness is at a place other than where my physical body is.

The rush I feel is when I open the envelope to see what I was remote viewing and realize how right I was. I would think that euphoria of accurately describing the target would dissipate after so many sessions, but it never has.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I would be willing to test a Regeneration Ultima for 5 days. Based on what I know about Ultima, there should be a noticeable effect by then.



I was thinking about this concept of maturity. How many times when I was a teenager did I hear an adult telling another teenager “act more mature”… well, what was that supposed to mean other than “stop doing what you’re doing”.

I searched and I’ve seen the topic of emotional maturity or maturity come up a few times on the forum so…

I’m working on a list of modules that might help with emotional maturity. If you want to add your own list here, please do.

I think it would involve skills like empathy, reflecting before acting, impulse control, and future planning.


That name brings back memories. I worked overnight at a convenience store for 10 years and the only station that would come in played Coast to Coast Am and Dames and a couple of other remote viewers were occasional guests. They always cracked me up with how wild and wrong they were about predictions they made.


I think emotional maturity (largely) comes down to one thing, for practical purposes:

Engaging pain and difficulty (or the prospect of pain and difficulty) without activating dysfunctional coping responses.

Out of this capacity will develop so many others, such as empathy, compassion, prudence, wisdom, insight, flexibility, etc.


@RVconsultant It’s probably me that mentions mental and emotional maturity so often. I am fascinated by it as I haven’t experienced much in my life. The most recent being the first few days after my Wife’s bypass surgery when she was in the ICU. The nurses she had they way the acted and carried themselves to me was the epitome of mental and emotional maturity.


@Malkuth @RVconsultant both of you nailed characteristics and traits mentally and emotionally mature people have.
The modules that stand out right away are

  1. Mercy Protocol
  2. Steadfast
  3. Discordia Deliverance
  4. Attachment Destroyer

I would have to go through the modules to see what would be applicable. Possibly Lion IV or Total Nonchalance. I think or feel that one of the key indicators of maturity for me at least is not just a strong ability to delay gratification but also to be anything other than self absorbed.
I’m so used to very delusional narcissistic folks. A lot of healing modules would be beneficial such as Ares , Februus , I am , New Beginnings, Blue Skies. Also Gratitude Embodiments.


I tried to be as comprehensive as possible as of available products on November 1 2020. Perhaps I overlooked some. It really depends on what the person consciously wants to do. If someone wanted to focus on leadership , these are the ones I’d encourage them to look at for the regular store and Q store:


Alpha of Alpha

Aura of craving


Direct influence aura

Dragon tongue

Emperor’s Voice

House of Medici

Inner circle

Invincible presence

Leader of men



Natural Winner



Power awareness

Power Can Corrupt

Power unleashed


Submodel Alpha

Torch bearer

Transcendental connection



I tried to be as comprehensive as possible as of available products on November 1 2020. Perhaps I overlooked some. It really depends on what the person consciously wants to do. If someone wanted to focus on emotional maturity , these are the ones I’d encourage them to look at for the regular store and Q store:



Alpha Body Language

Alpha of Alpha




Attachment Destroyer

Blue Skies

Carpe Diem Ascended


Debt Annihilator

Deep Sleep


Discordia Deliverance

Divine Will


Dream Traveler

Ecstasy of Gold

Emperor’s Voice

Energetic Development XI

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

Eye of the Storm


Financial Success Reality Shifter

Godlike Masculinity (perhaps more for men)

Gratitude Embodiment

Harmonic Singularity

Health Codex


I.Q. And Cognitive Booster


Information Releaser

Inner Circle

Inner Voice

Intuition Enhancer

Invincible Presence

Iron Frame

Joie De Vivre

Journeys’ Guide


Leader of Men

Limit Destroyer

Limiting People Remover

Lion IV



Mercy Protocol

Mind’s Eye Q Core



Natural Winner


Negative Energy Transmutation

Negativity Displacer

New Beginnings



Positive Being Attractor – Wealth


Power Awareness

Power Can Corrupt

Power Unleashed


Productivity Unleashed

Quantum Limitless (or Limitless, but I’d really encourage you to read about Quantum Limitless too)



Regeneration Q Core

Secret Source

Secrets of Akasha – Wealth

Serum X

Spiritual Abundance

Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual Reality Alignment


Stress Displacement

Submodel Alpha

The Architect

The Flow

The Forge

The Merger of Worlds

The Oath


Total Nonchalance


Transcendental Connection



Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

Virtuoso di Matematica


Wealth Limit Destroyer



I did remember a few post by you about maturity. However, there appeared to be others posting about it. So I hope this above list can benefit people who are seeking to develop more emotional maturity.



I have listened to a number of Coast to Coast episodes, and heard a number of Ed Dames’ predictions or comments that I don’t think came true. However, there have been some that may have been accurate. One was a bomb that went off in a subway in Madrid Spain in 2004. This was discussed in a DVD set he released. I think another was the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011 in Japan. Although some people debate whether or not these were “hits”, I think they were.