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Wasn’t Dames or Russell Targ the basis for Men Who Stare at Goats? George Noorey had a so called psychic and remote viewer on the show a few times Sean David Morton. That dude was always wrong. Probably why he never saw Federal Prison in his future


@RVconsultant That movie is so bad it’s hilarious. Especially the scene with Nick Offerman, Kevin Spacey, and George Clooney. And I see…



As for “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, it’s been years since I saw it, but I don’t think Russell Targ was represented in the movie. I think Kevin Spacey’s character/personality was based on Ed Dames. From what I understand, Dames has mellowed as time has passed, and I have met him in person, and found him likeable.

I know of Sean David Morton, but don’t know much about him. I don’t think he was a part of the official remote viewing program in the army.

I’ve met Russell Targ and read a number of his works. I found him likeable and humble. I think his protocols for researching RV were well thought through.

In general, if someone was not with the original army program, I tend to be a bit less inclined to listen to them. Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff were among those who helped design the original protocol. Although there were rumored to be other laboratories and “think tanks” that contributed.


Honestly I had no clue people were so invested in conspiracy theories until I started listening to Coast to Coast out of boredom . That’s where I heard Alex Jones go on endlessly about Bilderberg group and something about politicians worshipping a large wooden owl somewhere in the California woods. I don’t get the attraction or obsession. Seems like a gigantic waste of time. So what if there is an Illuminati. What is anyone’s going to do about it?
People just need meaning I guess. Something to either feel justified or victimized by. Instead of just saying " fuck it " and living your life


You can try installing a mega loudspeaker on a busy street in China and playing the ultrasonic version daily?


I think people who seriously believe in conspiracy theories just want to feel special.

They feel that they are part of a group of people who know something or have some “secret knowledge” that most other people don’t.

Conspiracy theories also allow these people to feel like the victims, especially when they believe they are targets of persecution. This makes them special.

I used to be into such stuff a long time ago before realising that conspiracy theories are too culture bound to really make a difference.

It’s mainly a Western thing and appears in countries like the US where trust in government is very low. A lot of anti-Semitism and religious prejudice (from mainly Abrahamic religions) is also responsible for keeping these conspiracy theories alive.

You don’t hear people in Asian countries being obsessed with the Illuminati or Bilderbergs or Freemasons or Vatican Conspiracies, Reptilians or Bohemian Groove or One World Governments because all these ideas originated in and very much revolve around Western societies (esp the USA) and Asian people can’t relate to them.

I really wish these conspiracy theorists could go out and see the world and understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them.


Interesting for sure.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

I actually think it’s time to move on tomorrow to Stage 3. I think I’m going to continue running Stage 1 x2 and Stage 3 x1-3 to see how I do for the next week. I’ll monitor like you said.

I did notice when I ran a bunch of loops before (I think I was doing Khan Stage 2 and my wealth custom) 6 loops a day every other day (alternating), I felt so much fatigue and I was hella tired.

To the point I couldn’t focus - hence why I dropped the latter and focused on the former.

I can’t remember if I asked you, but what’s your favourite sub you’ve used so far? I know you like Stark, but other than that?


Also, they’re much too busy with their own 10 million conspiracy theories. If you want some good conspiracy ideas, just go to a country that had dynastic rule over a 4000 year period. They’ll hook you up nice and quick.


This was exactly why I got into it. I know there’s some element of truth, but I felt so low about myself that I used it as my base in society.

As I get mentally stable and healthier on subs, I’m reminded how low I felt. Low choices, low prospects, low goals. Knowledge was the only leverage I had, so I used it. My focus was medical conspiracy, and I even seriously looked into being a nutritionist (to help people–so I could feel special). But…I also felt like a victim, and that step up would have made me… do better than my mom. The possibility of leaving her behind scared me, so i didn’t follow it.

I also felt like an imposter, an actor around honest people. It takes a lot of work to keep up that front.

I just wanted to feel valuable. Needed. Special. Unique. Loveable. It was a never-ending, never satisfied goal.

Thanks for putting this “anything” thread here @RVconsultant. It might get really busy here


I am not sure if people in China today are still obsessed with local conspiracy theories. My interaction with them has been that they care more about practical issues and improving their quality of life rather than thinking about whether Chairman Mao signed a treaty with the Aliens , the Communist Party is hiding some sort of secret technology to enslave the Chinese people , or if Sun Yat Sen was a freemason (rather than just a member of the Green Gang)…

But yea, with over 4000 years of history, it’s hard for many history enthusiasts in China not to wonder about unexplained stuff that happened in the distant past that smacked of conspiracy theories like who
poisoned the Guangxu Emperor or the 17th century Wanggongchang Explosion.

Ok, for the really hard-core conspiracy theory buffs, you can check out Unit 749, which is supposedly China’s equivalent of Majestic 12. Apparently, it exists. Unfortunately, there is hardly any material about it in English.


Perhaps @xingliao can get some idea for his writing by reading this.


Think I’ll just shut up about this one. :wink:


@RVconsultant so what I understand is that you were only consulted for rvX subliminal, and not for the apX. Is that so?

Also I’d like to know if you need any energy awareness training for doing Remote Viewing?


thanks for tagging me…what you said is pretty much the truth…as far as I know …we dont talk about conspiracies that much in China…those are usually frowned upon…the only conspiracies that we talk about probably will be something related to the entertainment industry…all I can say is we are practical materialist…we seek for the actual improvements something that will bring honor to our family and personal life…


Hi @RVconsultant, could you tell us your experiences on the original Blue Skies?


So today i was just surfing youtube and a channel came across for Dating. Owner’s name is Brian and hes such a great teacher of energy work and women attraction. https://youtu.be/FbVFVaqAlFA This is the video that motivated me to go to his channel. I am surprised and excited how women feels our energy during interactioins, and we dont because of too much thougts and non-vulnerability. @pacman I read your comment that how women say to you dont be NICE. Its because it feels fake, sometimes needy even cheap. I am not targeting you we all do this because nobody didn’t tell us what is not being NICE and what is NiCE. Its confusion all over RIGHT ? The main reason is not the subs affecting you, yes it is a factor but not the huge one. A person(man) will be called nice example: This is so nice of you, you’re so nice thank you. Sounds nothing wrong right, but women say this because a person is being needy, wanting attention of a girl. If you are needy you’re(man) almost saying i need your attention and the energy of neediness is so repelling. I would suggest you all guys to watch that channel and its stuff IF you really wanna be good and at ease with women. THANK YOU


Thank you @seeklight
Really appreciate that resource.


No problem brother. We gotta learn the stuff regarding women, Its essential in this Era.


Yes you righy…
Any good books you recommend ?



You are welcome!



I would say that Emperor Fitness Supreme has been my favorite! And the music for the non-Ultima Beast Unleashed is AMAZING!

How about you?