RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


Stark and Khan have been my favourite for sure. I really loved them so far. They’ve both offered me two things I’ve needed for sure.

Ultima wise I love BLU. It really helps me with dance and choreography and being creative etc!

Just tagged you in my journal.



Yes, only for the rvX. I know almost nothing about astral projection or oob.

In terms of energy awareness, I don’t think so. Being aware of what you might be experiencing at any given moment I think would help. So for me, I focus on modules such as Alchemist, All Seeing, Informaticon, Information Releaser, Inner Voice, Intuition Enhancer, The Merger of Worlds, Unlimiter, rvXQ, Atman, Limit Destroyer, The Flow, and Quantum Limitless. Basically, anything that I think might help remove my limits, or that would improve my perception or my awareness of what’s in my unconscious.



Although I keep a journal, I do summaries once every 2 weeks or so. So I don’t know when was the first original version results, and which have been the Ultima results.

If you want something that might mimic a number of the effects:

I would say that it’s not so much what Blue Skies is doing. It more of what Blue Skies is undoing. It’s as though negative thoughts and/or cultural ideas and/or preconceived notions of reality just disappear. It happens so gradually, it some times takes me a few weeks to notice what’s just not there any more.

Then there is my reverence for plants. Never felt it before Blue Skies.


I dont really know books about dating or about women, but in general there are many communication books. one of them is How to win friends and influence people.



Thanks for the tag!

Here is something about what Khan did for me:

Although I’m more introverted, it got me more talkative.


I wanted to post something on spiritual modules. I think this is something that I would consider very individualistic.

If someone wanted to create a spiritual subliminal, I would actually encourage them to first look at the regular version of Alchemist, and think about running all 4 stages. My reasoning is that Alchemist is about organizing ones spiritual life. Once organized, then selecting spiritual oriented modules for a custom might be easier. I wonder if doing so might lead to better selection of spiritual modules for longer-term plans or goals.

Also a custom is supposed to be listened to for 6 to 12 months.

If one’s spiritual ideas are not sorted, or if one thinks their spiritual ideas are sorted but they aren’t, then what might happen after 3 months of listening to a custom spiritual subliminal?

For me, I went through all 4 stages of the Alchemist. Listened to As Above and So Below (non-Ultima versions) for about 6 months. Personally, that was most of what I wanted with spiritual subliminals. Although I am running Spiritual Freedom, Atman, Energetic Development XI, Blue Skies, and The Architech, I realize they could be spiritual, but from my perspective I’m running them for their practical benefits such as health.



You’ve been using subliminals and you are married. What modules or programs would you recommend for people in ongoing romantic relationships?


I’ve been having great fun with a Libertine V1 and PS.
The first time, I woke up to her being in the mood.

This morning, I was more handsy and that led to fun times.

I just got my BILLionaire wealth/money Custom yesternight, so jury is out on that.

I’d like to eventually do a custom of PS, SM and Stark cores


Yay for BILLionaire lol


@RVconsultant Is there a specific reason I get incredibly bored and irritated while running Executive? Sort of puts a damper on thinking I can maybe run it with Godlike Masculinity Ultima. If you have no idea maybe @SaintSovereign or @DarkPhilosopher know.
I should probably show a little more respect and not read his name as DorkPhilospher


It’s a very pushy sub toward productivity. If you aren’t being exceptionally productive on it, you’ll experience frustration and irritation.



Thanks for the input! When you mentioned that you ran LU v1, and then the next day you noticed your wife just had to have it, it made me think v1 might be best for couples or at least people who are familiar with each other.

With v2, she ended up at the gym. So I figured maybe v1 for those who are in couples or at least familiar, and maybe v2 for those who are new.

Thanks for the insights!



What @SaintSovereign said…

Remember that very wise people have said that boredom regarding a subliminal could be a sign of reconciliation.


She already goes to the gym. I just meant gym dai meant even better odds for me since gym day gets her going :joy:




Thanks for clarifying!


I was wondering if one uses RegenerationQ + Rebirth Ultima, what will happen ?


Not sure if serious @seeklight , but…

A few people have been recently using this combo, @rafael and @JCast being two that come to mind.


@raphael and @JCast

Can you please read the above posts of @seeklight and @Ninjistic … and please comment about any RegenerationQ and Rebirth Ultima use you are doing and any results?



It occurred to me that other people who are in long term relationships might want to run LU or PS or SM.

Are there any downsides you have noticed doing so?

Wife jealous?

Accusations of infidelity?

Women flirting with you in front of your wife?


@RVconsultant @raphael @JCast my bad guys, I didn’t read the post right. I missed the fact that @seeklight was asking about Rebirth, sorry.

I’m actually curious about that combo as well, RegenerationQ and Rebirth.

I’m also curious who has run RegenerationQ long term without the addition of anything like an ST1, Rebirth or Elixir