RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


Hmm… mine was during a listening session of DR a slighly discomfort feeling on my right ear. I didnt hear any tone like that, after massaging my ear it went away though


Thanks for reporting in! I appreciate it!

Were you listening to the ultrasonic or masked when you had the discomfort feeling?

I listen only to the masked, and I play it just loud enough to hear the tricking stream.

What volume are you using?


I had a weird tingling feeling in my left ear the first time I listened to Dragon Reborn Stage 1.

It went away and I haven’t had it since, I spoke about it in journal.


Thanks for that input!


Let’s bring it over here. What do you want?

What is it that you think could be improved?

Are there certain modules you want?


Modules I’ll like to see:
All Organ cleaning/recovery
Bone strengthening
Nails, teeth, hair, eye improver
A nutrition guide (makes you seek out what ever nutrients you lacking in)


Would you please read about Health Codex in the Q store and tell me how well it matches to what you have in mind.

The other items on the list I really like!

Now as for…

@Fire and @SaintSovereign would Apollon work for those?



I think you’ve mentioned that you are running T^2. Are you running any custom T^2?


Lol i forgot about that ok then it covered then


I have one Terminus2 custom for overall Healing and Unfolding—emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic etc. I call it the DUAT, after the realm of death and rebirth, Magick, dreams, and boundaries of night and day.

Here are the modules:


Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep

That and Mind’s Eye are my two Terminus2 tracks.


I never planned, originally, to run another Terminus2 program. Mind’s Eye was just for the sake of experimentation. When the Asclepius module was released, it was such a priority that I knew I wanted it immediately. I had started playing Regeneration at the time, so I decided to add Asclepius to a custom built around Regeneration. I’d actually planned to use a standard Q build, but I consulted the I Ching about what modules to include and how to build it. The I Ching’s response, surprisingly, was very good for using Terminus2. So I did.

And that’s the whole story.


yes! that’s what happened to me, from the AC, my ear would get clogged on and off and create a distinct tinnitus. Why does AC do that? I also get tones distinct than that from too many loops. Any suggestions for what helped with clogged ear.? You can PM if you prefer


how long does it last for you and do you get it on non-rest days?


There is a lot in the Q store to keep in mind. Besides, if you notice something you want, please speak up and request it. That’s how things are improved, or how someone can be directed to a potential resource.


usually like 5 minutes if I become aware of it, and yes sometimes I do get it on non-rest days but only when I’m not listening to the subs


Thank you for the details!

I hope T^2 continues to work well for you. I’ve had to go back to Q.


An average ADHDr hears way more negativity than a neurotypical person.


Dragon Reborn will definitely help with that + ADHDrs have comorbidity with depression and anxiety which will lead to a shitty cocktail sometimes.

Our problem isn’t motivation, our problem is not being so busy in our head of things we SHOULD do.

https://www.adhddd.com/comics/ <— these comics are really on point, especially the couch and cleaning part.

If any Subliminal will reduce 'anxious thinking (that OCD cyclical thinking we can have(atleast I have that)… where you go over everything 10000x, also see multiple possibilities)).

If it helps cut down lesser important options, while keeping relevant ones up… if it helps you not THINK, but BE/DO.

It seems that this combination of subliminals exactly does that

DR = Healing = Less anxiety = Less busy mind = Less overthinking = More in the moment = More flow = More happiness and chilledness.

Limitless Executive Ultima = Cutting down options/focussing on the right ones = less overwelmed = Less Anxiety = Less negativity and talking yourself down of shit you should do.

Quantum Limitless = A bit more of the same

personally I would ADD(Phun intended) Sanguine in there as it helps with reconcilition. Actually, I think you could remove Quantum Limitles and see how Sanguine(Limitless) helps and/or just up the amount of loops for DR and Limitless Execuitive, but I’m sure that’s not advised by the creators.

Actually to think of it, any subliminal that will counter the negative programming might be an option in that stack :slight_smile:

I am diagnosed with ADHD too, and I can definetely see why it should work.


Story of my life


If I had ADHD or depression, I would consider running DR and QL.

I’d probably also make a custom with Carpe Diem Ascended, Joie de Vivre, and Spiritual Freedom, and then an Ultima with those 3 modules, too.


This is an interesting stack.

Always been interested in QL actually, just never stuck with it.

Going to see if I actually have ADHD if my doctors actually test me when we get out of this lockdown and if I do this is the sub stack or custom stack I’ll end up making eventually.