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I recommend reading the book Feeling Good and Feeling Great by David Burns aswell, and anything by Albert E Ellis


For those of you who are lifting or wanting to, I’ve been tracking my gym progress. I’m consistently going up 5 to 10 pounds in my lifting with most exercises every time I go to the gym. That’s not all. I’m actually exercising less, yet making more gains.

I’m lifting to the point of failure on my working sets, so I know the gains are real.

I was reading Mike Mentzer’s works and what I’m experiencing seems in line with what he was advocating as well.

The programs or modules I’m running that are likely helping with this are

Emperor Fitness stage 4
Serum X
Epigenetics and DNA modulator
The Architect

I also did the entire Emperor Fitness in the main store in addition to getting a custom with the above items.

Also I truly believe joining a gym was key because with the machines I can confidently lift, and lift hard and heavy, without fear of the barbell or dumbbell getting out of control.

So thanks to @Fire and @SaintSovereign !

Also if you think you can just run these programs or modules and get strong and big and beefy while sitting on your comfy chair or couch while binge watching movies… I doubt it. Got to lift.

What I tell myself is… bigger isn’t better… IT’S THE BEST!


I also think Health Codex is helping too as my eating is better and easier.



I’d like your opinion on any wealth subs you’ve used if possible? Like EoG, I think you’ve used it before right?

P.s. great job with your fitness results man! Awesome work.


I will list 3 things I think the wealth oriented subs have helped me with:

  1. Confidence in dealing with financial matters.
  2. Little anxiety handling money, literally and metaphorically.
  3. The ability to plan out what I would like to achieve over the next 10 years.


There was one other detail I forgot to mention here.

I play the Terminus2 custom on average about 2 times per week. Each time is just one loop.

It’s a Sleep, Healing, and Restoration custom (i.e., the Duat ) so I’ve only ever played it in bed before going to sleep. And it’s always in a 1-hour meditation session. Sometimes I feel very sleepy and don’t do it, or sometimes the time is too late and I think sleep is more important. So those conditions put natural controls and limits on how often I play it. Wasn’t necessarily my original plan, but worked out well.

One funny thing right now: The idea with DUAT is that I’ll relax with a 1-hour pre-sleep meditation and then drift off afterwards into a subliminal-facilitated healing and restorative sleep.

but :rofl: that’s not quite happening yet. Usually when it ends I’m pretty much wide awake. And instead of just drifting off to sleep, I’m more like ‘ :crazy_face: okay. what do we do now?!’

I don’t think that this effect is just because of the subliminal. More just that these days I don’t usually feel that tired or relaxed after a meditation hour. Body releases tension, I do observe that. But my neural alertness is not in that smooth, sleep place.

Anyway. So, it’ll be fun to see where this process evolves over the next year.

Bottom line is: My Terminus2 custom is the program that I play the least. But I figure 2 to 3 loops a week is fine for now. Hopefully that’s true.


Thank you for the added input!

I’ve also wondered if the amount of information in the T^2 format makes the brain want to be active and act on the script. Perhaps that might be one reason you may not be drifting off to sleep.

I think the idea of one loop twice a week is wise for T^2 is wise.


This is awesome and what I was looking for. I have a bunch of anxiety with money at the moment so I’m trying to ensure this is solved with my wealth custom which has EoG.

Appreciate the motivation man.


I think there are 2 other Peacemakers here:

@Azriel and @Malkuth



What would you say about DR stage 1 vs Khan stage 1?
One could possible run DR stage 1 then move into khan stage 2?
Or possibly pair the both DR 1 and K1?


TBH I ran Khan pre-Q so I’d be comparing both the program and the format.

DR has been by far the best healing sub I’ve ever run!

If I really wanted to be a Khan and if I didn’t have any experience with SC subliminals, I would run Khan stage 1 first for 30 days then stage 2 for 30 days, then start DR stage 1 when I started Khan stage 3.

If I really wanted to be a Khan and if I did have experience with SC subliminals, I would run Khan stage 1 first for 30 days then start stage 2 as I start DR stage 1.

I wouldn’t. I’d run Khan stage 1. It really helped eliminate thinking that was making me feel less assertive and less confident.

Exactly what I’d do.


Since I have dropped the number of loops I am doing with Dr St 1 I am fighting myself not to add one loop a day of EOG Stage 1. Just sick to death of my messed up beliefs and behavior regarding money. I don’t people that think or believe that being poor or in poverty is the way to go. Myself included. In the past I know I have thought that being broke is some sort of virtue . Seriously? WTF???


Whats your opinion of K-1 & DR-1 ?



As of right now, what is your current protocol for listening to subliminals?

How about the ratio of listening to a subliminal versus rest within a 24 hour period?

How do you know if that ratio is sufficient?

How do you know if you might need to extend your rest time?



Yo! I got a dance oriented question.

The death drop. It seems to me these death drops would be a good way to injure the knee.

Is there a way to do this move without injuring the knee?

Is there a safe way to do a death drop?



I wish I could tell you but I’ve never attempted it due to my knees. My boyfriend used to do them all the time and probably still can but he has terrible knees too.

I’m sure there is a way to do it safely without it affecting the knees though as I’ve actually heard it doesn’t affect the knees but I’ve been terrified.


I understand. Just watching people do that makes me nervous.


Dragon Reborn eliminates the need for Total Breakdown. It’s more all encompassing whereas Total Breakdown is meant to help with the goals of Khan. Says it right in the Dragon Reborn sales page


Thank you @JCast
Please dont send those ladies dancing lmfao