RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


@Voytek has a monopoly on GILFs


I can feel my knees popping even thinking about it. I’d love to learn it but I’m too scared. Maybe in 2021 I can answer the question properly for you. But drag queens do them all the time so I’d assume there are safe ways.



Dragon Reborn Anthem

Getting down with what’s profound,
DR drives your *&#^ into the ground.

Dragon up so you can dragon on!
DarkPhilosopher stronger than Kong!

You and DR ultimate coalition
Making DR your new tradition

House of the Dragon, DR Supreme Nation
DR paramount weapon pinnacle fortification

Dragon Reborn gives your problems the 187
Sending your issues straight into heaven

@SaintSovereign and @Fire , Fire and Saint
The fire inside you burning open the gate

Gate to your spirit gate to your soul
Sibling-hood of the Dragon, that’s how we roll!


Impromtu freestyle back

Put on stage 1 of Dragon Reborn
loneliness, and the feeling of lost and forlorn
wings of wind and fire leave shall leave them all torn

After the scorch
stage 2 comes fourth
all that was dud
is washed away in the Dragon’s blood

Putting perspective on what causes fright
the fears become ants from above
as Stage 3… the Dragon takes flight

200 loops per stage
will set the stage
of a new kind of life to unfold and display

fulfillment of all your desires that you promised yourself
and solemnly sworn
will come to fruition, on stage 4 of Dragon Reborn.


I don’t use ultrasonic anymore, I feel the need of hearing something so I would know it’s running.

Yup, using the masked version. The volume was very low. I need to focus on the sound to hear it. Same, to hear the tricking stream. Around three volumes from my MP3 Player.


Combo with:



This is one of the reasons I use the masked version.


hehehe yeah

The ear discomfort just happened twice, no biggie :slight_smile:


DR ST1 has been quite smooth compared to Khan ST1. No major emotional upheavals.


Where is the mention of 200 loops.


Dude! There is no comparison!

I’m convinced whatever the secret formula is in DR, it’s got to be the second most awesome in SC tech. The most awesome in SC tech is probably being designed right now in an laboratory that is 3 miles underground.


The scripting i definitely advanced to make you feel normal but im sure its digging deep.


This is so weird in a good way because I was just about to write this in my journal. I know there are changes, but they feel so normal I don’t know exactly what those changes are because the me before DR feels like another person.


I feel this way with khan…i did comment about this in my journal



Interesting. I don’t remember reading that in your journal…

What if there is scripting in DR that’s turning us into a hive mind?!


I just wrote this too along with @pacman. This is exactly how I feel in terms of DR. Besides a couple things I cant’ really tell what it’s doing because I feel totally normal otherwise. I don’t understand how else to explain how I feel.


I literally wrote that in one go in 2 minutes, no particular logic to it.
@Voytek mentioned doing 200 loopers per stage-that popped into my head.


Khan stage 1 feels like that at times…then all of a sudden you get a minefestation pop up…


Dope freestyle rap, A!


Oh for sure dude, you think nothings happening and then BAM the magic occurs.