RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


I think it’s mainly because @Voytek tends to do hours per stage. AMASH used to do like 300 hours or so per stage on the older technology.


I don’t know if 300 loops was ever an official SC recommendation. I remember AMASH posting this idea of number of loops. Although number of loops might have an importance, I think consistent regular exposure over an extended period of time would be more important. That’s one common way learning takes place: repetition over an extended time frame. If people want to do 300 loops per stage, that should work too. However I’m thinking with the current Q tech, it can be fewer loops and still effective.


And here come the DRappers.


200 loops per Stage 1-3 and 400 loops for Stage 4, to be precise. :slight_smile:


That was the case when I was doing Stage 1. Now, when I’m doing Stage 2 it seems it has been normalized. Stage 2 feels very similar to Regeneration. No wonder, the main focus is healing.


I wrote it before but some of you might not have read it:
I would rather say that enough should be our metric in here. Hours or days of listening can give you some time frame only.
It’s like; you’re going to run a program for 200 hours (or 30 days) and if you see satisfactory results within that time frame you still push it to 200 hours (or 30 days) (but you don’t have to, of course) and then switch to the next stage/ another program. If not, you reevaluate using that program and your current results and either set a new time frame or switch to the next stage/another program.


Where exactly did you get this from? How’s it been working for you and how do you know how loops you’ve been doing?


I just set that frame to see how it works. That time frame was enough to get the results I wanted and I deem satisfactory. That’s all.


Makes sense. I like that it’s working for you.
I’m currently either aiming for 300 hours like AMASH or 30 days, whichever fits the bill.

I can really feel the subs I think now that I’ve raised my loops and changed to ultrasonic.


I think everyone is different obviously. So many variables


Ultimately, I doesn’t matter much what time frame you set (or amount of exposure) but your metric of results (what’s enough for you if it comes to your results) and evaluating your results within some time (exposure) frame. It doesn’t matter how many loops a day you run (or for how long you run your sub) as long as you think/see your results fitting your enough.


I can agree with that and that’s the most important thing of course, that you’re happy and content with your results. I feel it more with higher loops, I can feel the energy people talk about and all that jazz now so I’m more content with it than I was.


Maybe my problem is I’m running too few loops. Maybe not ten a day but maybe three or four. I honestly don’t know and at this point I’m reluctant to deviate from the recommended listening schedule


Do what works better for you.



Hey bud, I’m back to 3 loops of DR, just to note. Seems working better for me. Fingers crossed.


The most important thing in here is to define your enough in accordance with your program objectives and your own goals you expect of the program to help you attain. There’s never 100% completion (unless it’s Libertine and your only goal is to fuck around) and you have to use your metric within some time frame to know what’s the percentage of that completion (more or less) and then decide by yourself whether you want to set a new time (exposure) frame and keep going or just switch to the next stage or another program.


Yup, that’s something I’m currently learning to do more of.

For sure. I actually think my competition with Stage 1 of DR is over and that I need to move onto Stage 2 now so I’ll be changing my stack around tonight and doing that.


Up to 3
is more than me

You’re killing it, A
And your issues gonna pay


I like how you guys discuss things. This is good.


We have a lot of interesting conversations on this thread which I truly appreciate. It’s great and helps us all as we’re all experimenting in different ways.