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Another reminder of how awesome everyone here is


One loop of a Q-sub is equivalent to 6 hours of a non-Q sub.

So let’s say I run 4 loops of that Q-sub in one day - it would be 4x6 or 24 loops in a day. So, I would need to just run it for less than 10 days in order to fulfill the 200 hours.

Or are you looking at 200 hrs of a Q-sub?


I don’t compare Q with pre-Q at all and the 200 hours I chose to be my time (exposure) frame could be 100 or 1000, it doesn’t matter much. The whole idea is based on defining what’s enough for me if it comes to my expectations towards the sub (aligned with its goals/objectives), my current results and the general progress towards those goals/objectives of mine. The time frame serves only as a reference point for the evaluation of my progress and to help me decide if I should invest more time in the sub by setting a new time (exposure) frame.

First, you need to set your goals/expectations towards the program (basing on what the program is actually supposed to do for you), set a reasonable time (exposure) [30 days or 200 hours] frame, keep tracking your progress and if you didn’t reach your enough within that frame it’s time to evaluate your progress and either switch to the next stage/another program or set a new time (exposure) frame and repeat the process.

Many people are confused about how many loops, hours, days they should listen to their sub for instead of focusing on defining their enough and tracking their progress. It’s really as simple as that, guys.


From what I’m observing in myself, this is right. Most of the effect isn’t happening when you are listening, it just starts a process. You have to have a certain amount of exposure to get it going and keep it going. It’s probably better to do the minimum number of loops to keep it going.


I agree with that even though I listen to my stack for around 16 hours a day.

It depends. In my experience, it’s probably better to do the MAXIMUM number of loops to keep it going.

We could argue upon it endlessly. Why not find your enough instead?


For me, 16 loops per day is enough even though I could run 20 whereas 5 loops was fine but not enough. We’re talking about Q of course. If it comes to Ultima 2 loops is my enough (my processing/execution peak), at least for Commander.


This is what I have been wondering.

I’m leaning to this philosophy as well.


Seems like DR has some new technology to make the shifts & changes smooth so that the user cannot feel the healing taking place. It also seems that DR doesnt trigger any serious reconcilliation.
This is definitely some top notch scripting!


I’m assuming 16 loops isn’t just one sub right? It’s your stack of different subliminals?


I believe this also, I think rest allows your subconscious to process it all too and the process still continues throughout.


This! They must have something has made it normalise as much which if I think about it can be super dangerous since anyone who uses the sub might not notice the difference - this is why they recommend journalling but even that can be difficult if you don’t realise much.

I’m on stage 2 now of DR so maybe I’ll feel something?


You should be able to feel small changes here and there…but as i mentioned before that when i used khan stage 2 just one loop i felt my confidence going so high that i didnt even care about the police…just one loop. Never in my life i felt confidence like that. Now that comes back to the point of me running khan stage 1 for a long time and not noticing the healing taking place. I am also not so sensitive to energy changes so i couldnt pick up what it had been doing all this time only when i went to test stage 2.

I have not run DR im just guessing. As i stated in another thread…personally for me healing subliminals are very hard to assess…dont get me wrong they work and they work well. An alpha subliminal is easy for me to notice changes extremely fast. You may notice some changes in other subliminals because DR is opening the way and removing blocks.


I can feel small ones but I’m scared most of the changes are becoming normalised to be honest. Unsure as to whether I was stonewalling or not.

Yeah, I barely felt anything on Khan Stage 1 - I even questioned whether it was working but Khan stage 2 was another story.

I 100% agree with this. I can feel them quite well.

Yeah I do feel as if DR has opened the way as a foundation for other subliminals and gotten rid of rubbish that I wasn’t even aware of maybe? Time will tell.


Try doing just one loop of DR every other day. Remember it is a major title. So its dense. Once you get used to the scripting then play it everyday.


I just said almost the exact same thing in my journal


I feel better on more loops than I did on one loop tho. I know you said one every other day but I can feel the energy and everything about it when I play more loops. I don’t feel that way on 1 loop. So one every other day might not give me that rush I get now.

I just need to not be as oblivious to changes.


Me too in mine pretty much, it’s making everything hit harder and quicker to the point I’m trying to see the changes that are happen so I can journal them.


Something else i have noticed. These subs change you so fast that you actually fight it to go back to your old ways lol


True but I also feel you will reach a tipping point where that won’t be an issue or at least not as much


Yes i did feel that. More exposure will make change so easy and unnoticed.