RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


I’ve definitely noticed this. It’s at the point where I’m like…are they working? Okay yeah they are…and then repeat.


You are like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Q!


He’s special


You are like the Arnold Schwarzenegger :muscle: of Q! :sunglasses:


Keep us posted on this!


I’ve got it crammed into a custom with Emperor, and it’s feeling smooth as butter. Definitely something different going on here.


Can you explain more into this please?


I’m just having faster results that feel a lot more normal than I’d expect for having two of the hardest titles in one custom.


I really agree with this, I’ve been saying it in this thread and my journal but I’ve felt like the subliminals are becoming me rather than giving me inspired action due to DR being in my stack. It’s harder to notice the changes that are occuring as I’ve rarely even wrote in my journal due to this.


Don’t you know it!

Now that you mention it…:thinking:

Dude! I’ve like stopped keeping track of the changes for the past few days. I’m just along for the ride, which is not like me. Maybe I’ll sit down in a few days and reflect but it’s just so enjoyable this DR.


Honestly that’s how I feel. I don’t feel like I’ve had Reconciliation or anything but I just feel like they’re becoming the norm at like 5x the speed.

Literally. People are asking me questions on what sub is doing what and how and I’m just like …I don’t know what to tell you? Like what changes am I noticing? Am I being that oblivious to the signs? I’m really having to think and then I’m noticing the changes.


Dude that’s so true!



This is how it is now, on Stage 1 I definitely saw and felt shifts and changes but, as you said, they were smooth and no reconciliation. Now, on Stage 2 I feel a bit more vulnerable but that’s all. I ran Regeneration before and that might be one of the reasons running Stage 2 is so smooth too.


Yes, that’s right. You wouldn’t want me to kill myself, wouldn’t you? :sunglasses:


Yes and no. :slight_smile:

@Hoppa and @Freedom play lots of loops too. Hoppa even more than I do. I’m sure there are more users doing that.


This is supposed to be one of the effects. Boosting other subs.


I run single stack only


I get your point. I don’t imagine my playing the current number of loops if I wanted to run more than three titles (one Ultima included). I tired playing four titles once (AuraQx1, HoMx2, StarkTx1 and CommanderUx2) and I got renciliation even though I ran six loops only (in total).


DR included :wink: 24/7 set and forget


How’s the results going for you? I was going to test Set and forget tbh…