RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


St2 is smooth. Don’t know about the results. Looking to deal with deeper issues. The bigger, more surface issues are likely dealt with already by EoG and Emperor.


Same here. I think I could tell something about it only at the end, to sum up my ride on St2.


Ah I just moved to DR 2 yesterday, exciting to hear that’s smooth. Stage 1 was also smooth for me to be honest. I think I’m going to play set and forget from Monday and see how it goes.

What was the result man?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Thank you for the new instruction manual!


For now, it feels very similar to Regeneration. It’s making me a BIT uncomfortable in social contexts. It’s due to my ancient issue which is social anxiety. I dealt with it a couple of years ago using alpha programming but DR digs so deep that it comes to the surface, I guess.


My conclusion is that DR is doing wonders for any ancient issues I have. As far as I can tell, you’re doing great on it! As in :muscle::sunglasses: and it’s probably just a matter of time before those issues are dissipated or crushed.


Hahaha. I was just wondering. Didn’t know if you and @Hoppa did the same thing or not. I’m considering Set & Forget.


I’ve never done Regeneration so I don’t know how that feels. I’m sorry it’s making you feel uncomfortable but that’s a part of growth so I’m glad it’s happening at the same time. You’ll get past that social anxiety my man, it’s gonna happen. It definitely does dig deep.


Right I just saw that too, good lookin out man. I’m back on EQ for some days and things have been back to where it should be since the recon subsided. I guess I was also having some fatigue at the time.

If it happens again, I’m going to test the diamond tool.

You know, for science. :muscle:


Even though I may have been one of the few this happened to, I was fine with it. I had this sense of “I have more important things to focus on”, and I just more or less went about life without sexual feelings towards women.

Eventually Khan came out and my desire for women came back… then I swapped out Khan for Stark.



This. Regen + elix did some healing for me, and now that I look back, it was relatively gentle. 2 weeks in after DR, I felt some very strong recon, something I have never felt even with my first time in EQ and PS.

It’ll get better, for sure. You had glimpses of what the dragon can do for you, I think it’s just incredibly thorough with what it’s meant to do.

Had social anxiety too and I didn’t want to speak with anyone, but I’m glad the recon subsided just before christmas, and I was able to function properly for the occasion.

Anecdotdal but I added RebirthU 1x as my first sub of the day, and then SanguineQ 1x as the last.


My thought too!


Yeah I wasn’t very concerned, although a part of me was unsettled because this is a part of my life that’s been very robust over the years. I kind of expected it to happen, but what I didn’t want is for that situation to continue and be semi-permanently unintrested in intimacy as long as I’m on EQ.

Good thing that’s not the case, cause that… that’s really a lot of fun. :thinking:

To add, Simon mentioned something about the sexual healing that occurs with Primal and PS, and I think that was also a major contributor. There is still a part of me that’s inhibited about that, so I’m very positive things should improve exponentially on that front.

You’re on Stark now? I’m still finding ideas how to combine EQ and Stark really well, outside of customs. What are you stacking with it?



I created wealth, sex, and health customs. So… it’s a lot.

This stunt was performed by professionals. Don’t try this at home. Some assembly required. Batteries not included.


Haha… man. I was a crash test dummy. Once this is done, I’m ready for my encore. :rofl:

Best of luck with your stack. Once I dive into customs, I’d like to make an EQ and Stark that synargizes very well. Still playing around with the idea, but that’s my ultimate desired sub. an Emperial Stark.


I’d encourage you to chuck Mosaic in there just as a precaution.


Yes indeed :+1:

That one will not be slashed, from the 42 items now in my cart… :rofl:

You know for some reason, I think RebirthU is working like Mosaic for my stack. Don’t know how, and if it’s even part of it’s purpose but so far DR is now jiving well with my other subs. Fingers crossed it continues.

I’m taking a rest day today btw… don’t want to push things too far at this time.


I am confused or maybe I’m looking at it wrong but why would anyone who runs Dragon Reborn stack it with something else?


Hoppa plays DR only whereas I play DR+Mogul+Elixir. Besides, I listen to my stack 16-18 hours a day, I don’t use Set & Forget.


Because it can work as a booster for other things.

Because they’re impatient for results.

Because it’s dope!