RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


I get all three of those and I’ve been impatient myself trying not to throw Stage two in to my listening but I am fighting the urge as much as I can to allow each Stage to do what it’s meant to do. Just seems like results from other titles would come that much quicker after completing Dragon Reborn.


For me, it’s about getting rid of negative beliefs and dealing with bad memories related to money. Killing the hatred of money which developed in me when I was a kind witnessing my parents fighting over money on a daily basis. Thus, I stacked DR with Mogul which was designed to neutralize this kind of shit. I believe DR+Mogul work in synergy on that front.


@Voytek I would think EOG would be better for that


You’re self discipline is more than mine. :grin:

Maybe. However, what if the technology is designed to work in parallel just as well as serially?


Yeah, you’re totally right and I have it in my library. I don’t want to stack it with DR since it could be too much. On top of that, I believe in organic growth and Mogul is my first step on the way to material wealth. I’m going to stack Mogul with every program on my path until I’m satisfied with the results. When I’ve reached my enough with Mogul I’ll be switching to EoG unless I didn’t reach that enough within a reasonable time frame, then I would go for EoG anyway.


Yeah I messaged him and he said.
I’m currently doing what you’re doing.

What does your stack look like in terms of how many loops for which sub?


I’m impatient and I’ll just be bothered sticking with one sub for like 6 months… :rofl:

Yes. My decision has kicked me in the buttocks.


This was me. I get bored far too often but the gains work good with 6 months. Stark helped me a lot in six months of using the sub.

You got this man.


Mogul+DR = 8+8=16 loops + 1xElixir


That works and I can see why.
I have to apologise to you considering I was so up and right about going lower on loops because I thought you were running like 16 loops of one sub and whatever but now it makes more sense.

I also called you out about lowering loops at one point, not intentionally, and so I apologise.

I’ve learnt a lot from this.



(now, I wonder which particular branch of science that might be)


Damn it, this is good!

so smart.


Blessed are the purists; for they shall inherit the Hard-fucking-Core


Before I moved to that combo I had played around 16 loops of DR Stage 1 which was still less than Hoppa used to.

That’s ok, Brandon. All of us are here to learn but the most important lesson we can learn in here is humbleness. I’m glad we both have made a step towards it. Thank you.

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I have to bookmark it then for the sake of future generations. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



It’s the BEST branch of science! Don’t you know it, M!


And Blessed is Malkuth, for he shall inherit anything he fuckin’ wants!

Reason for edit: To emphasize his awesomeness!


So tonight, I’ll watch the movie “Valley of the Dragons” and drink a Dragon’s Milk stout. Dragon on!


Oh fuck.

I’m only running 2 loops of DR Stage 2 at the moment. I actually need to up it.

I may end up doing 6 of each stage eventually which was something @RVconsultant actually recommended a while ago before he went back down to 1-2 loops if I recall correctly.

I’m going to up my loops soon. Maybe 3 or 4 of stage 2.

I do apologise and I am sorry.
I’m definitely here to learn and I learn new things each and every day.
Thank you my friend.



Can you compare and explain your differences in loops now that you’ve been practicing x1-3 loops in comparison to the 6x each you used to build up?

I’d love to know the differences and what changed for you since you’ve gone down.

Just interested in how its been working for you.