RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


That’s the very reason I suggested @Brandon to build an Ultima custom instead of a Q one. By density I meant the number of objectives and modules.


Ah,understand now. we were thinking of different versions of density.i was thinking in processing/reconcilation density, you were thinking of objectives/speed of manifestation density


It is a Communication and Learning process.

So the density is that of Information. In other words, Concepts, Ideas, Instructions.

It will definitely be influenced by the current state of your mind; and what you’ve already learned or mastered. This is true of all learning.

(Learning = integration and expression of Concepts and Groups of Concepts (aka Ideas)

Concepts are not just of the stereotypical Verbal-Abstract variety. They are any information that can be represented mentally. The taste of ice cream is a concept. A basketball lay-up is a concept. Not just the imagining of it. The execution of it. Imagining it involves some concepts. DOING it involves additional concepts.

Probably due to developments in Virtual Reality technology, the late 90s saw a series of popular movies that represented these principles very well. Think Neo in the Matrix saying ‘I know kungfu’.)

An article on Theoretical Principles of Calculus might take me a week to read and understand. The same article might take a Math professor 10 minutes to read and understand. And her 10 minutes would be superior to my 1 week, due to her training and expertise.

For her, it’s light reading. For me, it’s dense reading.

Manifestation is the mind Taking Action based on that which has been learned. It is Learning-based Expression. But basically the same deal:

  1. Concept
  2. Concept is Communicated to System
  3. System Integrates and Expresses Concept

That’s what we’re dealing with. Learning.


I mean I have chronic sinus issues so my right ear is always a little wonky but I’ve been drinking ginger turmeric tea (made from pieces I’ve frozen to keep longer). Different breathing techniques can help: wim hof (though I don’t practice it), pranayama breathing, etc.

But the ringing after starting subs + the AC was way different from anything I experienced before. I just kinda chalk it up to exacerbating highly sensitive aspects and something to get used to. Once it got cool enough I didn’t need the AC anymore that particularly annoying sound went away for me. Good luck!


Perhaps Asclepius and Health Codex.

Also, have you heard of ear candling?


awesome, Ive been hearing about Wim Hoft, but haven’t tried his specific breathing techniques
thanks !


Great suggestions thanks
I’ll look into candling
Asclepius will go in next custom Q and likely custom Ultima.
The chronic sinus/ Eustachian tube issue, I can avoid by sleeping enough and not pushing into recon.
I’m massively solving the tinnitus through learning from specialists on the concept of neuroplasticity.
and cutting a medication in half, while I taper off completely. DR seems to have helped/shown me the solutions with all of this.

When I run terminus (masked) or Ultima I can hear a tone/sound in my head for one hour after. This is distinct then the above.


I once did 5 for each ear. That was too much.

I found the first candle in the ear gets some wax, then the second gets more. I haven’t done it in a while, but if I did it again, I would do 2 each ear.

You might notice some whitish-yellowish-powdery stuff in the first one. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s wax. You will know the ear wax when you see it I think.

Sometimes I don’t hear it. Sometimes I hear it on even my rest days. I wish I knew what it was.


maybe you could ask the creators-if they have any idea?

It used to last for much longer than an hour for me, here is a preliminary understanding of what I’ve discovered about it.

Any sound without an external auditory or overly mechanical source is considered tinnitus technically,
and its a neurological effect. When your brain is fatigued it could simply fail to filter out the sounds the your own internal mechanisms or even the sound of your own neurology. Perceiving the sound as foreign, or a threat could exacerbate it since it becomes a target for your neurology to focus on out of concern. It similar to an auto-immune issue in this way. This becomes a negative feedback loop. As funny as it sounds the solution is mental in learning to put as little interest in it as possible, and having no emotional reaction to it. how bothersome/ difficult is it for you?

I can PM some resources that may support if it’s a challenge you want to further address.


Thanks for this reply! I had not heard any of that before.

@Fire and @SaintSovereign could you please read the above and comment.


Could you tell me a bit more how you learned all this about this phenomenon?


To be clear, I developed on and off tinnitus from a mechanical Eustachian tube issue, that was largely caused by allergies, a jaw issue, and potentially stress. It was mechanical in nature and then seemed to become neurological. In that it occasionally persisted despite the resolution of the mechanical issues. I could hear it in my left ear. Around this time and after I noticed I became able to ‘hear’ subs or some sounds processing in my head. It made sense that during a ‘sensitive’ this would come about. I have applied my understanding of what I’ve learned to both the sound in head that seems directly linked with subs (at times is there), and the sound in my left ear.

I will get back to you later today:)


This is what I’m guessing it is for me.




For relationships, I’ve found books by Dr. John Gottman to be helpful.


Would you recommend Ascended Mogul before running Khan if you are facing the conditions above?


In this case, it really depends on your ability to process and execute subliminal suggestions. If you’ve had any previous experience with Subliminal Club Titles, no matter your current external/internal reality you can hop straight into Khan.

Unlike Emperor which would be like jumping straight into Khan Complete, yet even worse because it forces you to leave everything you currently have behind and focus on building decentralized empires outside of current society, which is going to be very harsh if you’ve got no experience with business at all! Khan provides a whole arsenal of tools for you to grow with, no matter your current state of affairs in life.

I’m sure a Khan journey will reap more promising rewards compared to Ascended Mogul, that being said Ascended Mogul is going to be an easier journey whereas the first two Stages of Khan are said to really beat you up until you become out renewed with a purpose akin to steel. It’s fair to say that Khan will deliver more outstanding results as I previously mentioned because of the fact that it strips you from false beliefs and builds you back up by engraining more powerful beliefs in your paradigm.


Hmm thank you.

Perhaps I may consider Khan ST2 after I am done with Dragon Reborn ST1.


I have faith in your ability to pick the programs and modules that will help you.


Isn’t that the truth. I left Stage 2 due to that beating because mentally I couldn’t handle it anymore but in the future when I do it again I’m going to stick with Stage 2 longer. I may not like what it does but it’s necessary.