RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


I bet nobody, why not use Elixir when it’s a great support for Regeneration? BTW, Regeneration has a really nice alpha programming included on top of the healing stuff.


If they’re anything like me, a limit on finances (at the time), shortcomings on headphones that will play Ultimas well (I can’t say the ones I have won’t work, I just would prefer not to spend $50 to sit on a technology I’m not going to get to use for a bit), and a bit of faith that Regeneration will do some kind of good for me without it’s famed partner, Elixir.


I did see that Regeneration has masculinity healing parts to it which is dope, I figured that would go nicely with Emperor, which I was already looping for a couple of months. Those are the two I’ve been playing recently.


Rebirth helps in reframing towards the archetype instilled by the sub and amplifies the results and personally I don’t see any use of it in stacking it with a healing sub since it seems to me healing subs do not contain any archetype. But it’s just my theory and I guess you would like to know the results of an experiment. Me, myslef, I wouldn’t conduct an experiment like that, simply because the top SC stack nowadays -> Regeneration + Elixir works wonders.


Whee is your journal then… I’m asking you? Where is your journal?! :sunglasses:


I’m sure you’ll benefit from Regeneration.


EmperorQ - Journey to the Greats.

Woefully there’s been a lack of consistent updating the past couple of days, so I haven’t posted much of anything at all about my Regen experience. It’s still pretty fresh anyway, I’m not expecting to have much to say about RQ for a week or two. But Emperor has been great to me :slight_smile:



Good question. However, I’m so determined to heal any garbage that might get in the way, I’m running multiple modules that might have healing benefits.

All I can say is that the healing impact seems to be working, and I think clearing out the trash makes more room for the subliminals to build the good stuff.



If you are a bit concerned about cash, and you truly want to focus on healing, I would encourage you to consider Regeneration at the regular store, and keep a journal. The Elixir could be next.

I would encourage caution with Regeneration. As in start with 1 loop a day for a few days. Then decide if you want it to be 2 a day, etc… For me Regeneration is one of my favorites, but I also hate it sometimes because it brings up unpleasant memories.

Also if you don’t want to spend $50+ on high quality headphones for Ultima, I think the older version of The Elixir is still available. I’ve used $20 headphones with the previous version of The Elixir, and it worked. For Ultima I do use a pair of high quality headphones that were about $50.

And Regeneration I thought worked and works just fine without The Elixir.


No downsides as of yet.


@realbillperry @King

A while back, I was having a bit of a think and noticed that I just wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about life. So I got:




Carpe Diem Ascended

Deep Sleep


Discordia Deliverance

Dream Traveler

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

Eye of the Storm

Gratitude Embodiment

Harmonic Singularity

Health Codex

I.Q. And Cognitive Booster


Information Releaser

Inner Circle

Inner Voice

Joie De Vivre

Lion IV


New Beginnings


Power Awareness


Regeneration Q Core

Spiritual Freedom

Stress Displacement

The Flow

The Merger of Worlds

Transcendental Connection



I didn’t get them all at once. I also knew these modules would have multiple purposes. But I think all these are about concepts of health benefits, socializing, joy, reduction of negativity, lessening stress, emotional healing, better relationships, personal growth… and I have been liking my life more.


I have Regeneration already :), I bought it a couple weeks ago. I haven’t been over looping it either, but I’ll keep your caution in mind, thanks :smiley:


I saw this posted somewhere else, but searching through this thread, I didn’t see it.

Open ended question for general discussion:

What are some actions that you have taken with subliminals that have gotten you the results you desired? What subliminal was it?


I use a set of headphones for 25$ for Ultima and it works great anyways. At least this is how it was if it comes to listening to the Commander. Now it’s hard to tell which sub is the prevalent one; Regeneration or Elixir but I definitely see the power.


Emperor Fitness Supreme. My health habits have gotten better. I’m exercising regularly. I like exercising. My muscles are getting bigger. I’m also getting physically stronger.


Okay everyone…

Some how, I have an intuition that if you want to request modules, now might be a good time to do it.

I know someone requested one for rock hard erections, and one for solving erection difficulties. If you have other requests, I think now might be the time to make them.


Here in this thread @RVconsultant?


Good point!



Personally, I’ve not had any requests. As RQ, EU, and my custom are clearing out mental debris, I’m feeling less “in need” of this/that/whatever. Many prior wants were actually distractions from the inner mental chaos. And without chaos, the storm (and need for “shiny” distractions) abates nicely.

But if anything of substance pops up, I’ll likely give it time before posting it. Nothing worse than posting a great idea, then realizing “oh shit, fear was running me AGAIN!!”


:insert Zen master emoji here: