RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A


I keep seeing posts for people wanting to end porn watching and/or fapping.

So I thought I would post some ideas here:

Stop Porn and Masturbation
Health Codex
Diamond Ultima
Eye of the Storm
Inner Voice
Negativity Displacer
Spiritual Freedom
Stress Displacement
Dragon Reborn
Dragon Ultima
Discordia Deliverance
Virtue Series: Hope
Immortal’s Blade
Virtue Series: Temperance
Natural Winner
Productivity Unleashed
Plus any healing subliminals you want to chuck in there.


See what @OmFlux says:



Would you please read the above post:

and add any comments?


I wanted to mention something. About 8 days ago, I was in bed about to go to sleep and decided to run an Ultima. I don’t remember which one, but I fell asleep. When I woke, I noticed the one I was listening to had finished and The Executive was almost done. I accidentally listened to it. I didn’t intend to. Probably not the best things to listen to just before sleep or during sleep.

I put my headphones aside and went back to sleep. I woke the next day with a desire to sort stacks of papers I’d been putting off for months. If I had put all the stacks into one stack, it would have been about 7 feet high. So I sorted it all in manageable stacks and got to work. I’m about half way done. Thing is, that motivation to complete this task was all from one loop of The Executive about 8 days ago. That determination and motivation to do a boring yet necessary task has lasted for 8 day from just 1 loop!

It’s moments like this I begin to think Ultima might be more powerful than perhaps I once thought.

So thank you to @SaintSovereign and @Fire!


That’s really amazing. And also congrats on that boost in productivity.

For follow-up, if I may ask 2 questions: what’s your current stack? I think it’s 3 customs, but I’m not sure if I’m remembering accurately.

How have your responses been with Ultima tracks in general prior to this?

(I’m trying to compare experiences because I want to better understand how Ultimas work in general and how they may work for me personally.)

Thanks :pray:t4:


3 customs, each covering a separate topic: health/healing, sex, and wealth.

Good. I wonder if less is more.



I think there is strong interest in that idea you had of taking Libertine and putting in the concept of or the word love.

Could you please give us an update?

PS If 10% of the population of a country started listening to such a subliminal, I wonder what would happen.


Imagine what it would be like if you weren’t listening to it!


At least they are holding hands. That’s a start.:grin::sunglasses:


@SaintSovereign @RVconsultant @OldChap @Hoppa or anyone else

There is a saying about how you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So if say I spend most of my time with people that complain about being victims , fucked over , always broke , hate anyone with a lot of money, waste money on stupid shit then I’m probably unintentionally attracting people like that because of my subconscious beliefs about money , wealth , and my own potential for both?


True, most of the time. I’ve been struggling against this my whole life. Working class neigbourhood in Finland is not the place for wealth.

BUT, even before the subs I was changing. Looking to make myself into a better person. The subs accelerated it. Now I’m pulling my close friends higher with me.


that dude needs to pull the trigger


I would say yes. I would also say that you could be one of the five people in their lives that raises their vision to greater things.


I think the important questions to ask is, do you enjoy being around people that talk like that and have belifes like that? And do you want to be like them?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

At this point, this is more of a theoretical question…

What if I took Dragon Reborn stage 4 and placed it in an Ultima format, and added Paragon and Elixir in the same custom Ultima?


Theoretical questions are not allowed in the forum. The question has to be either philosophical or rhetorical


I like your sense of humor! How has stage 1 been from day 1 to now?

And as a bonus question, what would the @JCast of today say to the @JCast of 55 days ago?


Same thing I tell myself now. Be patient


@RVconsultant I would also tell myself pay attention. I was incredibly oblivious to a lot prior to Dragon Reborn


Pay attention to what?

BTW, this is great! Again you deserve :trophy::1st_place_medal:


My surroundings. I feel like I missed or was oblivious to a lot of things because my perspective was narrow. Most likely out of immaturity. I made unnecessary impulsive decisions that could have easily been avoided. I’m obviously going way further back the just before I started Dragon Reborn. I joke in the recent Ascension thread but @Grimm1390 is correct that having the ability to stop and think before just blurting something out is incredibly important