RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A



My hope is others can benefit from what you have been posting on this.

BTW is @subliminalguy okay?


@RVconsultant Yeah he’s ok. Just taking a break.


Glad to hear that. I was a bit concerned.


I’m glad to hear that too.


You will have more beliefs that you need to get rid of, and you will need to get rid of the people that are toxic. I had it happen on Emperor and I cut out 70% of my social circle. All time wasters and toxic people. It was for the better.


I suppose if I think deeply enough on it I would say you need to be able to attack the long term programming and also be able to zap an urge in a momentary pinch. I would add the module Growth Through Pain to the mix, perhaps, as your list seems to be for a Custom “non-Ultima.”

The modules you are suggesting would be excellent for attacking the long term programming that leads one to compulsively PMO. And I think the book I suggested, “Easy Peasy” from easypeasymethod (dot) org, would also be a good long term programming solution. I also have this other Rebooting book, from the rebooting forums…damned if I can remember where I got it, but it’s called Rebooting as the Best Remedy (seasons 1-40) and I believe the original posts can be found on rebootnation forums. It takes a traditional Chinese medicine approach and I’ve picked up some exercises for transmuting the energy because stopping PMO just to let the energy build up without transmuting, till it is overwhelming could lead to a disastrous relapse.

The Ultima’s will zap in the moment urges for sure…and now as I work with them, they seem to have long term benefits as well. Subliminals are obviously passive means to change, meaning you don’t technically have to do anything except let the programming take effect, but it is since running the subs, and acting on the intuitions that come from using them, that I have come across these other resources, such as the books and things that help heal emotions and zap urges, and dealing with any other emotional issues from your past, I highly recommend the Ho’oponopono practice as taught by a fellow named Angelgome on the Enlightened States forums (associated with Sapien Medicine). The method is written up on a forum topic called, “Angel’s The SEE System: Road to Satori (Sapien Edition).” You really only need the parts regarding Ho-oponopono there, and I will neither advocate for or against the morphic fields audios, here, in fairness to SubClub, who I also think the world of.

So I understand that I’ve referred to various non-SubClub products, and if Mods want to squash this, I completely understand. I have no affiliations, just a life-long searcher. I’ll just add that none of these products are direct competitors of SubClub, and I believe they are all free and/or open source. I just have a deep passion for self-improvement plus 30-some years of searching and experimenting behind me.

But hey, Guys, I’m not the smartest person in the room in any instance, even when I am sitting alone; So take it for what its worth.


My hope is that your comments will help others. Thank you for your post.


Don’t allow me to ignore anymore introduction or question threads anymore if you feel I could add something of value. I have been glossing over them most of the time and I can’t do that.
Tag me if you have to


I make it a habit to tag you if I think you have insights to offer. I admit, I am amazed with your progress and introspection since you’ve been running DR.


I sincerely appreciate that. Thank You. I am blown away myself. It’s taken a lot of mental and emotional fortitude not to change to anything else although I did run both Paragon Complete and Elixir last night out of utter curiosity and because I have been dealing with some neck pain for the last several days. I feel like I have been such a immature douche canoe in the past that I have this sense of obligation to not just share my progress , make amends, but most importantly help keep anyone from making the same mistakes I did


Key phrase: IN THE PAST. Forgive yourself.

I get it dude!

Please keep posting!

I truly believe your new found wisdom is increasing. Thank you for being so generous and open with your results.

AND please keep us updated on the Paragon results.




Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!



I’m scared to ask, but I’ll do it anyway: What?


Cracks me up every time I read that


There are about 34 of us running DR. You are one of those 34. We have a group. A list. That I keep track of. It’s called Sibling-hood of the Dragon because there might be girls so we can’t be a brotherhood.

Does that answer the what, or is there a specific what you are referring to?


Yes it does.


I would say…

Dragon up! Don’t let this drag on!


Hey buddy, just so you know, I am inspired by your determination. Just keep going. We’ll beat this shit.

Remember, Julius Caesar himself was a late bloomer. Life is full of surprises.


Thank you for that. I needed it today.


When you say this I can’t help but think about Power Rangers or Digimon.