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Could you please direct me to your journal?



Thank you!


It’s been so long ago, I just don’t remember.


To all those running Dragon Reborn:

May it help you resolve your difficulties before someone has to point them out to you…


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Thank you to the Q posse for working over the weekend!


I was debating whether or not to post this yet because I’m only 3 days in, but decided to anyway.

  1. I think Dragon Reborn has a new technology in it. After 2 loops of stage one every day for going on 3 days now, I’m noticing some effects that are amazing me. See below.

  2. Some of my habits of thinking that used to make me angry are happening noticeably much less. About 50% less. When I try to make myself angry over these things, I feel like it takes so much effort, I feel tired or bored. Basically, about 50% of my anger is just gone. It’s just not there. Like it vanished!

  3. When I do feel angry, it feels less intense and hangs around for less time.

  4. I’m wondering if there is something in DR that is boosting the healing effects of other healing modules that I’m listening to. For example I thought ARES was at a ceiling about a week or so ago, but I think it may have punched through. At least that is my sense.

  5. I’m wondering if there is some sort of reset effect happening. As though my emotional reactions are being reset to become more neutral.

So thank you to @Fire and @SaintSovereign for whatever emotional ninja technology is in here. It seems to be working very well… and this is the Q version without the name embedded.


Hey there @RVconsultant

Curious about this

Do you think if I stack my 2 customs + DR programming can set in deep long as I take action believe in it and listen for long time?


I’m running a few customs, and even though DR is in Q format without name embedding, it does seem to be getting through.


To those running Dragon Reborn…

If you are running Dragon Reborn, welcome to your induction into the Sibling-hood of the Dragon. May it resolve all your issues before someone has to point them out to you…


Is it possible that without running the idividual programmes like emperor or ascension and primal seduction and going straight to a multi stage prgramme like khan which includes most of the other smaller titles…one will stonewall or not accept the script?


I’ve wondered about this too. Back in the days before Q technology, I got what was available. And was wow-ed! But new and better things kept coming out, so I got them. So I thought of the older tech and programs as stepping stones.

Now, let’s pretend I just discovered Subliminal Club. What would I do knowing what I now know?

I think the first thing I would do is read about Dragon Reborn because I’ve wondered if issues and baggage slows down progress. But I would then read the warnings and change my mind. So Regeneration. After I started to notice effects, I would start thinking about a custom subliminal that was very focused on one topic. Then after it started to take effect, I would re-evaluate. What do I want next?

Definitely stay with the custom. However at 90 days, I would consider swapping out Regeneration for Dragon Reborn. And probably feel scared about running it. :grin:

So how am I answering your question? My thought is by removing potential road blocks before they happen, there might be less of a chance of stone walling.

So would I pick Khan first, or a single stage program that was similar?

Actually I’d start with Regeneration. Then also get a custom. Then at about 90 days re-evaluate.

In summary, my plan would be: Heal a bit. Get a custom. Then consider a multi-stage.


Dragon Reborn is waking up a part of me I’ve not used regularly, and I’m wondering how I might handle it.

The issue at hand: allowing love inside when I love others.

This began yesterday. I was at the dollar store, but I was remembering last year and years past during holiday times. A few years ago, I decided to open my heart some since many needs were presenting themselves. I rarely carry cash, but I’d seen this homeless guy on the corner adjacent to the dollar store. So I decided to give it to him when leaving. I was on my scooter, and about the same time he took the cash, I began weeping. I had to slow down after leaving since my eyes were flooding.

And yesterday, having memories of this, I opened myself up to this again. Only one checkout aisle was open in the store, and 6 or 7 people were in line. I was outside the official line (trying to act ignorant of those waiting), and a 2nd aisle opened. I let those before me go, but I’d not seen the 2 others waiting their turn behind them. I sat on it about 10 seconds, then gave in. A little old woman with a handful of things stepped out, and she was really grateful I allowed her in before me. I’m glad I had a mask on, because I felt like crying hard right there. It was uncomfortable squelching that. It hit my soft spot.

I read today that when we love others, we practice loving ourselves too. I’d just not felt it so heavy lately. I know I’ve been imagining being hurt if I’m vulnerable to others. But it’s just fear talking.

I’m wondering 2 things:

  1. Why do I want to cry every time I wish to show kindness to others?
  2. How might I begin to see this as a strength instead of a weakness?

I’m guessing I might be very soft through the holidays since a lot of good is coming my way.


In regards to all the modules in the graphs above for the custom shop, are these modules used in the Major titles like - EmperorQ? Or are they new unique models only for customs?

In other words… could someone theoretically create and select all modules they want and it ends up being just like EmperorQ?

If the custom modules are in EmperorQ, does anyone know what modules it has?


You are a wonderful soul @subliminalguy.
All the love to you!


Random memories and emotions out of nowhere. Yep, this sounds like a SC healing program.

Why the crying? I don’t know. I would wonder if it might be because you had wished others had shown more kindness to you, especially when you needed it most.

As for strength, I’m guessing you are referring to the crying. When did you start to think that crying and weakness are related? Is such an assumption accurate?


Some are custom store only. Others are available in the regular store. For example, Sanguine is available in the regular store, and as a module in the Q store.

Health Codex is available in the Q store, but not available for purchase as a sole module in the regular store.

Possibly. But you’d have to know what was in Emperor to have a highly likely chance of success.

I don’t think Subliminal Club is designing programs in terms of modules any more.

If you are thinking about creating a custom subliminal, I’d encourage you to read this thread for some ideas about how to create one.

Focusing on a topic. Using a core and selecting modules that are associated with that core. Those are just 2 ideas.


I truly believe it’s because I’m loving myself in giving or sharing with others. I’m being the loving person who I’ve wanted love from. Hits me…right there.

SubliminalGuy's Dragon Reborn Journal

Great insight!


Crying and weakness related…dang. I bought another book at the bookstore (which I spoke of in my RD thread) after doing laundry, and it spoke of the same misunderstandings and misinterpretations I’m dealing with. Like confusing love with fear. It’s called Love is Letting Go of Fear. It was written by one of the originators of A Course in Miracles, which I’ve heard of but neve done myself.

Thinking crying and weakness are related is not loving myself. And for the majority of my adult life I’ve thought my tears showed strength. … I think I know why I’ve felt weak–I would trigger my own mom when I cried, and she would quickly shut me down. I know I considered it weakness since it meant I’m not loveable when crying (which makes crying openly much more difficult when around women). So there’s my connection: crying around women meant I may not be loved. And by that conclusion, it’s a weakness. It also assumes no woman would love me if I cried.