Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


The ultimate strategy is to get people to run the title and then hire them as engineers once they are good enough! :wink:


wut is them bois doing


Nickelback? Seriously?


The only thing he ever did that I liked…


Avril. :rofl:


Ya’ll missed the hint.


Hero? Is it coming?


Hero hint, nice

I’d also like to know more about how Primarch is going for you Saint, anything further to report


Oh I got the Hero reference, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to both take a jab at Nickelback and mention a favorite celeb crush from long ago… :rofl:

Anyways, Project Hero, you were saying…? :smiley:


If that was a clue, there’s probably more to it than just the title of the song.

So what are they doing?


Hmm…they’re playing guitar and singing in a band.

So far the only thing that comes to my mind is Guitar Hero. But I don’t have the best track record with accurately guessing these things.


@SaintSovereign Oh I caught. I just had to give you shit


What would be your Stack Recommendation for support in becoming like this? :blush:


I’ve been toying with “stealing” Saint’s idea of 5 loops of BLU during sleep, but doing Executive instead. Strangely, I’m feeling resistance to that idea anytime I seriously consider it.

Guess I better just do it and see what happens :smiley:


@realbillperry I have been debating that myself


It’s hard to explain what’s happening. I haven’t felt this physically healthy and mentally / spiritually clear in quite some time. Also, I developed this strong urge to give up meat. Haven’t eaten any all week and I feel amazing. This isn’t even something that’s directly in the script, seems to be a side effect one of the submodules…


Hahaha, StarkQ, BLU, Executive + doing something you love. That’s the secret – when you love what you do, it’s not “work.” It’s just who you are. I guess that’s why I don’t need to worry about “work / life balance” so much. This isn’t “work” to me.


Me on the carnivore diet: “I guess I will just have to be a traitor primarch then lol”


@SaintSovereign don’t wanna be boring, but how is going the situation about stacks instructions?


@SaintSovereign @Fire
is there any plans for a module pack #3 release before end of this year


I think how they released the first 2 it’s possible to assume them doing a 3rd module pack in December. Maybe every other month would make sense or every 2 months after that. I guess it really depends on what they think of as being useful on the module front, and also what modules they can make from previous titles or new titles yet to be released. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another one in December as like a Christmas “present” to the community and forum.