Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


yeah definitely can see that happening, right now am holding out for the end of this year to make my custom, want to see what they will put in, it a sub that i plan to run for the whole year so am planning it out carefully, you think that wealth ultima might come out too?


Right now, I’m completely on the custom Ultima project. Instructions will come after that.

Not sure, but @Fire has been hard at work on research while I work on custom Ultimas. May be some surprises in the near future. Custom Ultimas will come this month.


I think December could have a lot of surprises. The wealth ultima could possibly be something they announce next month or in January.

The customs are probably taking up 100% of their time right now.


Is there a wealth ultima?


At one point a few months ago saint said it was in the pipeline. But with the way things have been going with everything they have been doing i would imagine them announcing it in a month or 2 once things settle down a bit.


Curious about wealth ultima. So does it make one feel like a rich man, even without money to spend?

I think I will open up a new thread on Wealth Ultima.


Fake it till you make it. Or the age old question does reality follow belief or belief follow reality. Does believing yourself to be wealthy attract wealth or does being wealthy grow the belief that you are?

I’m thinking we should do a Philanthropist module in December that makes you feel like you should give gifts to children. :slight_smile:


i think a wealth ultima will help with you thinking when it comes to budgeting, spending habits, investing and also help you see opportunities to expand you current level of wealth in the moment

Wealth Ultima - Feels damn good to be rich

That would be Santa Claus Q.


Or if you want to be a philanthropist with incredible sex appeal and alpha presence, you can build Santa Claws or Pantheropist.

And yes, I apologize for this abuse to the Spirit of Humor itself.



That’s our Mogul sub. :slight_smile:

Wealth Ultima - Feels damn good to be rich

Lol never tried mogul, but ultimas are fast acting so it will happen right after you run it instead of over time

Wealth Ultima - Feels damn good to be rich

I was very tempted to call it that, but SubClub should remain nondenominational, even though Santa looks like how Coca Cola tells us.


Hey @SaintSovereign is your usual stack 1 main and 1 ultima?
Would you say that less is more when it come to result, sub stacks and build methods?
Is 1 week enough for a washout or 2 week is also good?
How long should i run a stack for then take a washout to prevent plateau?


Yes, generally speaking. I like to hyperfocus on a goal and use a booster to help. Right now, it’s been Primarch solo, but I’m adding BLU back into the mix.

That’s a situational issue. See this post for more information: Q programs vs. Q customs

Depends on you. One week is generally enough though.

When you can feel that mental stress creeping up. Take a rest day each week.


Don’t forget Thomas Nast too. :wink:




Lucky for me, I ordered three from different places. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your productivity continues to amaze me.

I’ve been wanting PS for ten years (since high school). Back then my parents didn’t let me have it…

Now I don’t let myself have it.

My productivity will go to shit :sweat_smile:

I suppose you have scheduled gaming sessions to prevent this consequence?


That’s a classic use of fractionation right there.

@SaintSovereign, you seducer you :wink: