Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


He schedules everything. Although he may have some spare time left for bathroom breaks. :slight_smile:

I admit it does amaze me. I seem to be busy every minute of my day and sleep far too little. And yet I can barely find the time to pop my head in here nowadays. I even combined my recreation and exercise once I discovered Beat Saber.

I don’t know if it is the times or the subs or something else, but it’s annoying the heck out of me.


I know you guys are busy with everything going on right now, but is there any update regarding this?


Just another reason why I’m excited for Hero!


The Primarch test today was a huge success. @Fire and I haven’t even sat down and discussed exactly what the results mean because we’re still blown away that it even worked. At the expense of being too “hype-y,” this is an absolute game changer. We may hold a public study soon to confirm the results, but that will involve some actual legalese, so we’ll see.


Count me in (depending on the nature of it I guess lol)…sounds intriguing.


As in an NDA or waiver?


Where can I sign?


Is it new tech that will lead to the future gen of product? :heart_eyes: I remember seeing a post where you said that you guys were working on something that “you would have to be blind to tell it’s not working”

This post here :point_up_2:

New Emperor upgrade?

Yes. Project HERO. :wink:

That would be Q Plus and Ultima Plus. We’re going to push the absolute limits of our technology with those.

New Emperor upgrade?

Both, probably.


Oh well, I can’t wait to see what possibilities lies within those new breakthrough! I’ll follow this project!


I’d be happy to test this one. Especially since this pandemic marked the start of my longest gym routine ever so I’d clearly be able to remark on the differences in my body before/after the test. Would also be willing to not use my custom, too, since that has EF ST4 in it (so even more comparison data available)

Sounds like Q Plus > Terminus.


Then comes Terminus Plus & Terminus^2 Plus. After which there will be Q Ultra, Ultima Ultra, Terminus Ultra & Terminus^2 Ultra.

PS: just going by the Note 10 Plus and Note 20 Ultra naming scheme :smiley:


Is this something we can expect this year or next year?

Trust me i hope so, if its a completely stable version of terminus squared then am all in


@NinjaFox it’s a while away. I’m guessing it’ll happen after the pandemic ends.


Oh okay just wanted to know what the deal with that, guess ill stick with just a custom for now


Reminded of this again since next year I’ll be focusing VERY heavily on building muscle (as opposed to strength) next year and I just watched a Jeff Nippard video on his progress. I’m thinking “damn…can I be like that?” and it is possible with the right training and tools :wink:


And yet you will never be as big as a gorilla :wink:


Yea hopefully not!