Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


As someone that also suffers from excruciating migraines on occasion, if I had a guaranteed means of reducing the pain that would be amazing. Currently the only thing that works is lying very still in a dark room and attempting to fall asleep to get away from the pain.


This one was specific to migraines, but the script can be tailored to any type of pain.


Hopefully, with a few more successful tests, we’ll be able to help with this.


not just elimination of chronic pain but healing physically of underlying issues that cause the pain?

Incredible, looking forward to that one.

Are yous steering this in pain/structural issue specific… or adaptive for whatever issue?


@SaintSovereign - PHYSICAL HEALING!!!

Hell! It’s about time


Is there any chance you’re going to come up with something that could help with my wife’s MS symptoms?


That is very powerful and interesting!! I am very excited in one that deals with the underlying issues of joint pain


I’m interested in this too.


Eh, why not. Need to unwind anyway:


How is it?


Hulk serum sub is coming :joy:. Physical changes , fast healing. testosteron over the roof


Have you tried the Wahls protocol for MS?


We read the book, but she decided that it wasn’t practical for her and less so for everyone else who lives in the house.


Fair enough! She’s a friend of a friend and we’ve been speakers at the same conference before, so I just thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t seen her work yet.
Best of luck finding a strategy that works for her! :+1:t2:


I hate moving. It’s taking much longer than anticipated. We had more things than we realized, not to mention a bunch of manifestations occurred and we got a bunch of free, super valuable stuff. While that’s dope, that means more things to move and now we have to rent another truck. That being said, I’ll be out of commission (but still looking over things periodically). Unfortunately, that means that support will be a bit slower and some Q titles will be slightly delayed. All this will be over by Tuesday.

But… I’ve got a surprise for owners of Libertine next week. :wink:

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You manifested a truck load of free stuff. Quite out there.

But… I’ve got a surprise for owners of Libertine next week. :wink:

Now you have got me excited.


The more things than you realize thing always hurts. It never looks like a lot until it’s all crammed in a truck.


Ok, so everything’s packed. Tomorrow, I head over to the new place to unpack and start building.

I’m excited, but a bit nervous. This is the first time since childhood that I’ve actually lived in a house. I’m a proponent of minimalism and when I’m single, my living space is generally very spartan — just the essentials, with very little comforts. That being said, I am very “bougie,” as they say about where I live, so I’ve always lived in high end luxury apartments with doormen and valet service, etc.

With the ever present specter of COVID hanging over us, it made no sense to continue working out of a public office, so we’ve acquired a rather large home (around 3200 sqft in total), and began to convert half into the new office for SubClub and our future business ventures :wink:

We’re putting together the aforementioned creative studio, which was outfitted with top of the line acoustic treatment, courtesy of GIKAcoustics and the acoustician we hired. It has a traditional studio listening environment and a 5.1 surround sound setup. There’s also a professionally treated and isolated vocal booth.

We’ve also got a workshop area that I’m currently using to incubate my girlfriend’s company because “mo’ money, mo’ power.” We’ve got a gym area outfitted with some state of the art training equipment, including a Tempo ( — this thing is really cool), some smart heavy bags equipped with sensors that tracks how hard we it, and an area that allows us to fully use our VR devices for health and other applications, high end treadmills and free weights. I’m going to use this area to track the results of Project Hero later this year, and develop Qx next year.

Needless to say, we won’t get it all set up this week. The equipment from GIK won’t arrive until September, same with the Tempo and stuff. But, my workstation will be back up by Wednesday. Once everything’s ready, we’ll send out pics.

Also, the space is not perfect. The studio has some annoying window spacing that makes it hard to place the treatment, but the acoustician has a cool work around in the form of some soundproofing curtains and placing some of the acoustic treatment on stands.

So yeah, stay tuned.


What’s Project Hero


That sounds amazing, congrats and good luck with the move!