Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


And what about Executive ? :sunglasses:


Free upgrade probably


Ya’ll know how we do. Free experimental attached to those who have purchased. If it works well, free upgrade. That’s why SubClub is on top. :wink:


is there any news regarding those tips for those who are listening to different subliminals?


I tested ultima libertine…so will i get the experimental upgrade?


Can you upgrade my discount coupon before you release this experimental aura so that I can buy Libertine first? :slight_smile:


PM @Fire plz.


Sorry, purchasers only :stuck_out_tongue:


Aaaaaaaaaaah damn…:sweat::sweat::sweat::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Looking forward to testing it out and reporting

Will this be a solo run or can we use our normal subs with it?


Finger’s crossed for a shorter but same as effective version - but I doubt :confused:


I don’t think it will be a test, it is literally going to show up in downloads today for those who have purchased Libertine already.


Is that what happened with the ultima upgrades to the standard super charger titles?


Yes, exactly.


You can run it the same way you run this version.


Unfortunately, it won’t be shorter.


Might not be today, but I’m working as hard as I can. The support backlog is quite daunting.


As in customers sending emails?

No real rush here, just a perceived one. I realized that although this is highly anticipated and I would like to download it and have it in my library today, I wouldn’t even have a good opportunity for it until later. Where I am, everyone’s still remotely working from home.

What Could I Really Use?

Now if were something like DREAMS Ultima…that I can get behind. I am very curious to see what my dreams have to say about subliminal programming.


Yes, we get about 30+ emails per day. I just finished up the forum support requests, though. Slowly adding to the Libertine experimental script.


Could we at least know what this will do?