Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


Yea…despite my statement earlier I am still highly curious as to what this experimental does.


Actually I hope it’s an aura that permanates time and space, and especially through online channels.

I really want to have a functioning remote influencing subliminal.


Yes! Having influence through online is very useful right now! Be it texts, calls or video chats.


And since there is already something in the form of long-distance seduction module, I don’t think building that into a Ultima supercharger is impossible.


Yea, modules LRS and direct influencing aura are about this.


The good news, we’re all caught up and can start working on cool stuff again.

The bad news — after the Libertine experimental, I may be done with sexual aura subs for awhile. Just finished the support queue, and I don’t know what it is about sex / sexual aura subs, but it seems to bring out the worst in people. Vitriol, people going out of their way to discount their results or attribute it to something else, pure hatred because they ran the title once, used it inaccurately and since a woman didn’t fall out of the sky, we get called every name in the book, etc. One person literally said he hopes our families all catch COVID for “scamming,” yet provided no details for me to help him get results.

Since we didn’t allow people to advertise other companies on our hard work, people sent anonymous messages calling us the gestapo and “communists” (the word they were looking for is “Orwellian”), and all over a sex aura title. Never had this problem with any other title. I believe these titles bring out the worst in people because it brings out angry, frustrated people who can’t see beyond that anger.

I watched another subliminal company almost destroy itself trying to create the perfect sexual aura sub. Won’t happen to SubClub. I need to sleep on it.


As I see it, topics of a sexual nature are not particularly disseminated well in society. To say nothing of the problematic programming that has been given to the public at large. The experiences (or lack thereof) among people, mismatched expectations about the product vs. of the user, the fact that it’s COVID right now to top it all off…and here we are.

Not sure what’s wrong with this person.


That sucks, sorry to hear some of the customers are such douchewads.
Hopefully the rest of us make up for it, the vast majority of the people here (myself definitely included!) share the strong opinion that you guys f*cking rock.


Does Libertine have any inner game/healing scripting? Considering it as a supercharger, I don’t think so, but only you know.

As for the topic, I did post exactly that a while back. Most of the people after reading the sales page would be in the lines of: I NEED THIS. You get the vibe.

I’m a member of a certain training academy, I like their approach a lot. One cannot apply for any training that one fancies. You have to get the basics in place first before approaching the more advanced trainings. Maybe some similar type of structure can be applied to subclub.

Obviously it can cut the revenue down, so just an idea which might prove worthwhile.


hahahaha! @SaintSovereign revising and improving people’s misguided complaint mails is funny.

It’s like ‘bruh, you didn’t get the complaint right. So, I’ll help you with that first. Good? Good… Now this is why it’s invalid.’

and people are walking away malfunctioning and confused like ‘uhhh…AAGHH!..[bzzz] …I’m UNHAPPY! …[crackle]…’


not to seriously disrespect anybody. just taking the piss.


Amazing how a “grown” man could get so upset and uptight over not being able to get his wee wee wet. Those types are weak on the inside and act like a pu**y which is ironically why they can’t get any to begin with, but of course that’s “everyone else’s “ fault instead of them striving to become higher quality men.

Amazing how some have zero patience or even common sense when it comes to their own self improvement journey. Hate @SaintSovereign that it has to be that way but the hesitation to halt production on sex auras is understandable I suppose.



Lmao. I personally just don’t consider sex that big a deal, I’ve had plenty of it and realized that there are more important things in life. Time and energy is better spent elsewhere in my experience.


That is a shame

People need to be more careful with letting their emotions get the better of them. They should let it go, ease back and relax, take a sip of some lemon seltzer and enjoy the outside air.

Looking forward to the experimental, wonder what’s new about this over regular libertine Ultima ?


Here’s my opinion. And I’m not saying this for everyone that runs Libertine Ultima. But the guys that do and expect amazing results without doing enough inner work on themselves are gonna be the ones lashing out.

I don’t think it’s purely sex. I think it’s approval and rejection. Maybe some incredible insecurities from when they were younger. Not having that strong foundation is a fucking disaster. It’s like a house of cards on a shaky table. Even if they got attention one day, can you imagine if their aura didn’t fire the next? How much validation and approval they’d be looking for?

Topics of sex are heavily emotionally charged. Quite honestly I’m not surprised that it caused such a polarizing reaction. Especially if you hold the perspective that sex is a need as a human. But it is a shame that some people can’t be adults and understand the ridiculous amount of factors that come into play with a title like this.


Wow so sorry to hear this, I’ve dealt with a bunch of angry customers at once in my business before, it really messed me up for a while. But this is another level.


I’m actually going to put up a notice on the “Send a Ticket” form that our company has a “respect first” philosophy, meaning those who send nasty messages will get kicked to the bottom of the queue or ignored.


It’s heart breaking , SC who have been offering free sub to protect from Covid , is being abused by some nasty customers , throwing some shitty thoughts at them

This is not about anger , this is not even human .
If sub not working , why can’t people just ask for refund and walk away without getting in some ugly accusations.


The thing is that SC caters to the whole world and people do not have the same expectations maybe…


I think its not about subs not working, its about some people not following the proper usage recommendations, or worst doing things in a way that they were warned might not/will not work, and then blaming SubClub instead of admitting their own responsibility (or the lack of it).

Lets say you want to take swimming lessons and you have never been in a pool nor the ocean. The teacher gives you some techniques and teach you how to use them in a safe pool, and tells you to practice everyday for a month in a similar and safe pool.

Would you do that or would you say, “no bro Im cooler than that” and immediately jump in the ocean, where you cant even feel the bottom and theres strong currents.

If you happened to chose the latter, would you blame the teacher? Would you say their methods dont work? Well some people are doing exactly that.