Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


lol it’s stuff like this and quotes from Paradise Lost in my inbox from SubClub that make me feel like I"m in the right place


I 100% agree with this
also think part of the upset is that
men are not OK with themselves, they think they will be ‘enough’ if
they can get more sexual/validation or attention, they get there hopes up
and either overdo/don’t listen to instructions or don’t feel validated in the results, cause there so thirsty there not even looking.

Like going crazy looking for your glasses when your already wearing them.

They then
feel there hope dashed and even more hopeless than before cause the ‘magic sub’ didn’t work, and take out there sense of worthlessness/hopelessness on the producers here.

That’s my pop pyschology guess at least :nerd_face:

I think sex subs bring out the worst in people because on some biological level men’s sense of utitlity and worthwhile-ness is tied with their procreative ability, consistent rejection or lack of sexual engagement is ongoing ‘proof’ of this. In reality that’s not the case, this is just a feature of being male that high character people focused on purpose and service and self love evolve out of, and then get laid way more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, In my view the very basic definition of status and alpha is that there worth in themselves is not tied to this but to their contribution.


Reckon we’ll be getting the experimental tonight?

Just so I know how to do my subs for the day, if not I can wait until tomorrow


the same question for the executive. Will it be dropped this week?



There’s a lot going on right now. The very high end speakers for the studio / office just came in and I’m currently working with the acoustician to hook 'em up. They’re passive monitors, so I had to buy a rather expensive amplifier and rackmount.

Got these bad boys:

This is what we’ll be developing new subs, sub formats (and music) on. I’m planning on hand recording the new mask and manually mixing / mastering it myself. The better the mask, the better results you’ll get.

There isn’t another producer taking this as serious as we are. Wait until ya’ll see the studio. :wink:


A lil early preview of stage 1:


Just got 'em hooked up. Sounds incredible. Can’t wait until they’re broken in. Takes about 72 hours, according to the acoustician. Next up, putting the amplifier, power strip and audio interface in the rackmount, stealthing the cables, hanging the wall art and shelves and finally, the audio treatment (when it arrives). Might upgrade the audio interface. This Behringer is pretty good, but I’m being a bit “bougie” right now.

Also, I’ve got some bamboo-ish blinds to hang (couldn’t use real bamboo, too reflective) and some other aesthetic improvements.


am enjoying this.

thanks for sharing the experience



Great lighting! Hue?


Damn. That looks very cool


Progress on Stage 1 (Pre-acoustic treatment and other aesthetic upgrades):

Second pic so you can see the color changing effect (all of the lights rotate through various palettes – really cool effect, will take a video soon):

Next up, still waiting for the acoustic treatment from GIKAcoustics (which will really improve the studio’s usability), wall art, etc.


Very nice ambiance.


Perfect ambiance for an Executive :joy:


Wow man, that’s one radical studio over there. Awesome!


Man a calming space like that just invites creativity. Looks awesome to work in


What are you looking at, Stark Trek? Referring to the video on your computer screen.


I have the same chair lol



Saint, how about a module that can help our numerous user with his YouTube addiction? :wink:

Especially when everybody sees an update on this thread and hopes it is Saint sharing something new and awesome.