Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


That’s crazy, I just got the same chair 4 days ago, My friend got a whole bunch of unused stuff from storage and gave it to me.


The SubClub eregore is manifesting the same chair


Alchemyst Studios is complete. Well, sorta. I’m ordering a sound diffuser and wall art in a bit, but for now, we’re good. Your subliminals are now being created in a professionally built and calibrated studio. In a few weeks, I’ll be heading to Yosemite (if the wildfires allow this) and recording a new mask there, then mixing and mastering it here.

Facing the front:

Facing the back:

Angle Shot:

Had quite the time hanging all of the acoustic treatment. The house came with some beautiful moulding that I didn’t want to remove, but hanging the acoustic treatment higher than eye level would pretty much render it useless, so I had to rig up a way to hang the acoustic treatment from the moulding itself. I ended up gluing command strip hooks to the moulding – problem is, in the first attempt, I didn’t place the treatment in the correct place, so I had to remove it all, sand down the moulding, repaint them, etc.

Note that acoustic treatment isn’t supposed to cover the entire wall, only certain “problem spots.” There’s a lot of math involved, as well as using a reference mic to find acoustic issues and calculating where to place a panel. You don’t want to make the room completely flat either. A dead room will actually hurt the production, mixing and mastering process, as you’ll end up creating mixes with no life or energy. Natural reverberation is key, and the sonic character of your studio will end up translating into your mixes. Those who are really into music can tell where your song was mixed and mastered due to the iconic sounds. For example, look up songs that were mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Trust me, there’s a very distinct sound.

Today was an interesting day for me. A few weeks ago, a fintech bank offered to valuate the business and connect us with investors. We’ve received multiple offers to sell, and today, we turned down them all down, including an offer that was worth over a million. Why? Because I live a comfortable life, and this business means more to me than just money.

I’ve dreamed of having a home studio for about a decade now. It was around this time, six years ago, that I lost everything. Literally, everything. Job, girlfriend, friends – everything. I had about $1k in my bank and all my possessions in my beat up convertible Mustang, which ended up catching on fire while traveling through the Texas desert. I remember telling myself that I’d never allow others to control my life and destiny again. I learned the power of saying “no,” and setting hard boundaries. I learned how to overcome my internal fears and fight against those who would try to instill a sense of fear in me as a means of control.

If I wanted to just make money, I’d do it in a business that required less effort. I was making good money dropshipping once upon a time. I had a network of sites and a person handling customer service and fulfillment, while I gallivanted around sleeping with women.

SubClub is me taking control of my life from overbearing parents who tried to my strong spirit of innovation and freedom of thought. From a shitty friend who smiled in my face for two decades, called me brother and then did everything he could behind the scenes to ruin me. From a terrible romantic partner who claimed she cheated because she didn’t know how to deal with a driven, successful man. From the haters who claimed we were doing this just “for the money,” and spread lies on other forums out of spite and jealousy.

We’re still here, we’re still growing, and we’ll never stop. Ya’ll ain’t seen shit yet.


Well done Subclub!
You are a true inspiration @SaintSovereign


Happy to hear about your achievememts, Saint. I guess many of us can relate to your experience in different ways and sooner or later, we can all achieve our goals.


@SaintSovereign - oh man. That speech made me tear up in an inspirational way. Am luckier than you in some respects but unluckier in others. Everyone has their own privileges and challenges. Listening to you describe the way you conquered your personal mountains puts this deep seated drive in me too. Well done!

And yeah, I would love to have a wicked high performance setup in my own home someday. If you can do it, it teaches others can do it too. And am grateful that your products are made to help us achieve exactly that.


beautiful studio
amazing journey and story
reminds me of the count of Monte Christo

You had everything taken and you’ve transformed yourself and taken it all back but better, and more.


Dude. Congrats! On everything. Onwards and upwards.


You do realize that story is one of revenge? Cold, hard and brutal revenge.

To me it sounded a bit like a speech at the end of somebody’s life, where they list their accomplishments with pride and conclude they are now content and ready to move on. Could be because I watched the end of season 4 of the Magicians yesterday.

I am happy SubClub remains with SubClub. Every time I heard about investors I became afraid that SubClub would lose its passion in favor of just making money. That personal touch of really wanting to discover and improve. Finding an investor who shares that passion is not easy.


I meant it more in the, man has those he trusts and is close to, turn on on him, he develops his masculinity, skills, and capacity in life, as well as his killer instinct, finds his metaphorical treasure, and creates something better than before, sense…also

I don’t analyze things too much, unless specifically analyzing, if you have not noticed :slight_smile:

thank you for reminding me of that show!

I stopped when...

…the fox god turned the cat inside out and then started eating the ladies toes. 2-it’s so trippy

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this is a good thing btw, I will now be finishing it

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Ah, got it now. Monte Cristo is one of my all-time favorite stories. I often wonder what I would do if I suddenly came into a massive fortune. Would I be responsible, would I waste it, would I stop working, would I rub it in certain people’s faces, would I become known for my good works?

Magicians has concluded with season 5, so it’s done now. I love the many pop culture references. And when they break out in song. :slight_smile:

Do let me know what you think of it once you’re done. I have only season 5 to go. Since I watch at 2.5x speed while multitasking I tend to go through them pretty fast. I like my escapes into fantasy, but there’s no time to waste. The 100 is next, final episode is tomorrow.


perhaps another run EOG sans Khan could answer this fascinating inquiry

I actually grow as a person from watching the right shows, I had stopped doing it since I started Emperor but am reintroducing some select shows for scheduled downtime. I started Blacklist and that guy is a great example of PCC in action.

I will get back to magicians to and let you know when I finish!

this was one of my favorite parts of magicians


Yeah, she has that innocent face combined with those… feminine qualities.

If you feel like it, I would love it if you sent me a PM or post in the talk about anything thread which shows are on your list. Always looking for inspiration. I have noticed my taste has changed since starting my SubClub journey. Lots of shows I used to like I now consider too much of a waste of time.

But since this is Saint’s thread, I wonder what he does in his scheduled downtime.



I will post on my journal what I am watching and reading regularly, as well as clips relevant for qualities reflected in subs.

I think that VR game with the light sabers is one thing…


I was presumptuous enough to edit the spoiler for you Azriel. I trust you don’t mind? Otherwise I’ll undo it obviously.

I’ve also hear Saint played the Final Fantasy remake last year. That part where they climb up the stairs near the end was my favorite part of the game.

So now we know two things Saint does for fun. :slight_smile:


That’s the drill.

Feeling into the energy when you we’re typing this. It feels real and it feels like you’re driven, energized and completely ready to move this ‘business’ into a new dimension. Love the Spirit.

We’re ready.


What application are you using for that? Google Calendar?


In a world where it seems like a lot of businesses grow to the point of being sold to investors and systematically destroyed because the original values were lost, its always good to know a company that cares for something beyond the money.


Thanks for checking :slight_smile: what is this in reference too though?


I presume it was you explaining the last story plots you had seen in the Magicians. I put a [Mod Edit] block there.