Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


oh yes ! thanks, my bad future magician watchers :sweat_smile:

I kind of think of @Malkuth as the keeper of all knowledge, so figured he already knew what had transpired and what will transpire :wink:


He did, he was looking out for the young 'uns that did not know yet. He is wise in the ways of such things.


Congrats! That looks sweet! :+1:


Google Cal to block out time, Trello for task lists.


Exercise, power nap, short gaming session or watch a movie. Pretty much it in the age of COVID.


Newest addition to the studio:

As an electronic based artist, if I ever want to play live shows (without a band), need to learn how to create an amazing DJ set.


I put in paid time off for all of next week. It’s time to finish up some SubClub tasks that I’ve been putting off for awhile. That includes the Official Stack Recommendations, new instruction manual that include stuff for Ultima, website backend stuff, finishing the new order process for Q, etc.

On another note, it’s time to start planning my exit plan out of the corporate world. It may be still time away, but I do have an action plan to get it done.


Let me know if I can help. I’d gladly NDA my life away to just be part of this in any way :wink:


looks like the real life cover art of Ultimate Musician Module


I’ve had similar thoughts lol


I really want to compare how I made my own subs before to theirs lol. And would LOVE to apprentice as Junior Brewmaster under @Fire One can dream I guess.

I went through a similar thing before of wanting to work with Kelly Howell. But some of her stuff gets a bit too New-Agey for me these days. Not to detract further from Saint’s journal. I’ll suffer in silence :wink:


Testing PRIMARCH, a prototype subliminal that @Fire built for me. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. The crazy thing is, we didn’t even anticipate this response, considering the nature of the sub itself.


I keep thinking you guys will run out of meaningful names for these things lol. Never ceases to amaze me how just a name makes me want to know more, dammit.


Haha, well the English language has a lot of different interesting words. Still, all I could find when I searched up “Primarch” is Warhammer 40k content—it’s not a regular English word!


Stronger than all other builds?


It’s an experimental title, not a build. Technically, it’d be Primarch Ultima.

Hint, hint.


If you need testers… :wink:


Def got something to do with bodybuilding something more dominant than emperor. And huge physical appearance :thinking:


Any other hints lol, does it have to do with hero title? Any hints to upcoming titles in development?


Just read the wiki… even if you only took a bit of that concept, it still sounds like a sub I’d be interested in for sure! :astonished: