Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)


As an avid 40k nerd… you have piqued my interest.


subclub convention after we all run Primarch


Am definitely going to volunteer for this one. If ever @Fire and @SaintSovereign need a test subject I’m in!


Am a huge Warhammer 40k fan and have devoured the lore of that massive world over a couple of years.

If you need a slogan that perfectly summarizes this world, it is “In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war”.

Now who do you need for war? Soldiers and Leaders. And who are Primarchs? They are soldiers and leaders you have never seen before and who will make Judge Dredd, Master Chief, Doomguy, Starcraft Marines, etc look like kindergarten kids.

Primarchs are also the sons of the God Emperor himself! Genetically modified superhumans carrying the genes of a powerful overpowered psychic being, they have inherited his charisma, skill, intelligence, lethal fighting skills, massive size, superior strength and many more attributes that could fill a couple of encyclopedias. Each son has his own backstory, archetype and “hero’s journey” which are interesting by themselves (also do not forget that: “a villian is just a hero of the other side”).

If you want to know the meaning of the word masculinity, look up the lore of the various primarchs and you can spend your time steeped in the story telling. There are other alien races in this story too but I won’t digress (the game Starcraft was supposed to be about the W40K universe but the talks didn’t come through so Blizzard made their own version of the Warhammer universe. Starcraft might be cool, and I loved playing it, but Warhammer 40K is way cooler and more dangerous. Which is just my cup of Papa Nurgle’s tea)

Suffice to say that if SUBCLUB ever releases PRIMARCH, I will get it no questions asked. My inner geek is already rubbing his hands in glee.

PS: couldn’t suppress my excitement over this news and hence the long rant lol


The Primarchs were the twenty genetically-engineered “sons” of the Emperor of Man. The Emperor used his own DNA in their creation, and they were designed to be gods among men; immortal giants with superhuman physique and intelligence, towering above the Space Marines as they do over mortal men. They were also incredibly charismatic, as their main role was to be generals and leaders of the Imperial military.







I truly mean no offense, but after hearing something similar with New Beginnings and Blue Skies, I’m starting to compare statements like these to the Udemy teacher sending out a mail saying he’s providing the maximum discount and he will likely NEVER do this again… until next month. Or how the word “sorry” really doesn’t have that emotional impact any more, people say it because it is expected, not because they mean it.

Maybe I’m just being my usual cynical self. It’s a dark cloudy moody day out today.

Would anybody actually like to live in the Warhammer 40k Empire? Seems to me it’s a pretty dystopian, rigid, dogmatic society without any happy people whatsoever. Maybe it’s because some form of evil lurks around every corner, but it’s quite depressing.


Lol interesting analogy. I’m gonna take a guess and say none of the subs here have really knocked your socks off yeah? If that’s the case I get it. Response to the subs is not controllable, no matter how good the tech is. It always comes down to the person. Perhaps some frustration and disbelief in you because you haven’t experienced it yourself?


power overwhelming…


Indeed! And two Starcraft Protoss Templars uniting is the ultimate bromance too.


Although I will readily admit Fire has yet to write something that can knock me on my hot tight end, that’s not exactly what I’m frustrated with.

I realize my statement may have been a bit negative. I am dealing with some really bad stuff right now, like I said it’s an exceptionally bad day and part of that bled over onto the Internet as such things tend to do behind the cover of the Internet.

For me, I merely want to ask:
Saint, what did you experience? What was the unanticipated response? What is the nature of the sub? Tell us. Share more, please. We need more pieces of the puzzle to fuel the rumor engine.

And yes, I was/am a bit disappointed there were 10+ posts before me and nobody had yet asked those three questions.

That was the core of my message. My foul day made me do a bit of a cynical introspective on communication and how it affects us all, but that was the core of it. I just want to know more, like (I hope) everybody else.


Just spent some time reading up on them and they are very interesting indeed

They were all split at birth (assuming I am correct in thinking this) and some were corrupted by Chaos and turned on their fathers wishes

A title with similar intentions would be very intriguing,

P.S do you know of any further lore or anything one could read more on this during downtime- Anything you recommend?


@Nemesis - i would recommend Luetin’s youtube channel. His production quality and storytelling is high quality. Here’s his full playlist of the massive Warhammer 40K universe you can enjoy beginning with a Beginner’s Edition video too:


@DarkPhilosopher - in terms of living in such a “grim dark” world, no I wouldn’t want to. But I would love to be prepared for any world.

And that is the seductive nature of such heroes who live in dystopia. That they can handle it. Or atleast have the will to.


Awesome mate I’ll give that a watch later

But yeah if this ever needs play testing by the peeps here I’d be more than happy to give it a shot


:: rolls eyes ::

Here’s a pattern that I want everyone to start observing. You’ll notice that the people who complain about “hype” are also the people who consciously and deliberately sabotages their own results, @DarkPhilosopher included. He’s been running the O.G. version of Blue Skies, in Ultima format, which is drastically different than the one that’s in the Q store. I’ve seen him (in conversations on the SubClub staff Discord) repeat parts of the script back to me, almost word for word, and have the same experiences as the other testers (@RVconsultant is one, he can back me) and then proceed to claim that he doesn’t “feel” anything. I’ve watched him run the sub for more loops than he recommended, completely vanish off the forum and chat for a week, then pop back up and say that he lost all his productivity and urge to even run subs, and then say “he didn’t feel anything.”

This is going to be a “what has been seen cannot be unseen” moment for many of you. Start paying attention to the people complaining about “hype” and marketing and emails and the such. You’ll find that they almost always consciously deny their results. They’ll post about a unique, positive experience, then find some weird logic loophole to claim the sub wasn’t responsible. And yet, they keep buying our products and they keep posting to the community.

So, what’s the deal? Are these people just liars? No, I don’t think so. Another prominent subliminal producer refers to these people as “stonewallers.” I call them “conscious stonewallers.” They’re so obsessed with control that they consciously fight their subliminal stack tooth and nail, since letting go and allowing the subs to do their thing would be giving up control to outside influence (a false assumption).

These same people can’t sit back and enjoy the thrill of “hype,” which is little more than the excitement that comes with anticipation of the unknown. Why? Because in their eyes, getting “hyped” about something means giving control of your emotions over to someone else. The thing is, they WANT to get hyped, they want to have fun. They recognize that they want change – hence why they run subs – but they fear the experience of change, since it’s something you can’t control. So, they’ll hate on marketing, they’ll hate on “hype,” and they hide it behind the guise of “being intelligent.”

Now, here’s the truth of the matter, since we’re a data driven company. Whether we “hype” a product or not, sales are EXACTLY the same. Believe or not, doesn’t matter to me. We actually get better sales from SURPRISE DROPS, because that triggers the person’s buyer’s impulse. When we “hype” a title, it actually gives you much more time to think about if you want that title and where it fits in your stack.

I didn’t post more information about PRIMARCH because I don’t know what to tell you yet. @Fire made it for me to help me with a very particular and personal problem that I don’t need to share. We weren’t even trying to build a new technology or title. The name Primarch itself was a tongue in-cheek joke that Fire was making. Yesterday, we had a two hour long conversation, where I had a ton of mental and emotional revelations, things I didn’t even know existed. We were very excited about the effect Primarch was having and was trying to dissect which part of the script was having that effect. We don’t know if it’ll be a title, we don’t know if it’ll be a Q module. We just know that I was having a profoundly spiritual experience and in my excitement, I posted it to my personal journal. I don’t regret posting it and I’m not going to stop posting about these breakthroughs because a small subset of people don’t like “hype.” Fine, don’t buy the product. But don’t try to shame other people for being excited. It’s their life, it’s their money. Let them do what they want.

Do not let anyone make you feel ashamed for having joy, excitement and passion for something. Don’t let them equate getting hyped as unintelligent.


I’m not denying anything. I was looking at it from a " shiny object syndrome " sort of thing. I was excited when you announced the second module pack. I am just trying to avoid impulsively purchasing everything , always switching , and wondering why I’m not getting results. If listening to RegenerationQ and especially Elixir has taught me anything it’s that I have to be more patient


hi @SaintSovereign… any update on the new stack rotation instructions yet? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


And that’s fine, it’s your prerogative. But the comment you posted (that I deleted) was something along the lines of: “You guys jizz in your man panties over anything.” That’s not an assessment of self, that’s a shot at other people for having emotions that you aren’t experiencing. Just like you want people to respect your decision not to impulsively buy things, respect the emotional responses of others and don’t try to shame them for being excited. Many of you won’t even buy it (if it becomes a product), but will still enjoy simply reading about it. And that’s fine too.

This is a community based on opening doors. We don’t do gatekeeping here. Everyone’s on their own journey, so let them walk their paths.


Still trying to determine what the best instructions are. I have an idea, just waiting for a bit more confirmation. I don’t want to have to keep revising them.