Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


Report from a colleague testing the “Migraine Buster” prototype for a few months now:

Waiting for the answer, but exciting news. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Answer came.



Excited for more powerful physical healing modules. And for the PRIMARCH and Renaissance Man Prototype thread title change.

Is Renaissance Man prototype related to ultimate music/writing production (and more)?.

I have always found the concept of Renaissance Man intriguing. Similar to Leonarda Da Vinci who could master multiple disciplines and skills like painting, sculpture, war tech, botany, chemistry, metallurgy and more.

I would guess that if SubClub is making a similar Renaissance Man title, it would have existing modules like Ultimate Writing, Dragon Tongue, Trailblazer, etc and add new modules related with a vast reach that give a Jack of All Trades (and a Master of Some) feel to it.


Yes, it’s the same. If this makes it to production, it’ll include other disciplines as well. I specifically chose music production and writing because those are disciplines that I’m already well versed in, which will allow me to accurately gauge how the title’s working.


That’s just plain awesome! Looking forward to it.


Are technology / Programming / Coding one of the potential disciplines?


@SaintSovereign wouldn’t it be awesome if you guys put out a “Withdrawal Symptom Buster” feature as part of certain modules? :wink:

I already know of a few use cases personally where I would have used that. Feeling the wrong thing on my healing journey? Listen and it’s gone, continue without feeling terrible.


Since that’s one of the hottest skills these days (arguably the hottest), it better be in there


You really hope that this make it out by the end of this year but i figure it wont, would like this as a major core for my custom next year, wondering what else you guys have in store for this month tho?
Module pack 3 please lol

Also my custom stack that resemble this idea has ql st4, mind eye and ultimate artist as the core but that only because those three can touch on what am trying to archive, also decide on 2 custom subs and 2 ultimas for the whole of next year


if it does make it to production, is it intended for Q format or Ultima, or both ?

If ultima will it include modified version/scripting of BLU, Executive, Blue Skies, and Wealth Ultima like yours?


Have the feeling it will be a major sub with the core coming later to the store, want to see if the will be a ultima version with it like Dragon ultima


@SaintSovereign did you ever go through all the stages of your previous stack: Khan, Ecstasy of Gold or Quantum Limitless? If not, why?


Right now, I’m running it as an Ultima and I’m getting astounding results. That being said, we’ll most likely release it in both Q and Ultima formats.


Naw. I run custom versions of the titles in my stack, allowing me to cut a lot of the foundational scripting out because I’ve been getting exposed to it for literally years now. This allows me to hyper focus on exactly the issues I need to overcome.

RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A

Module Pack 3 is coming soon. :slight_smile:


Is there a release date for that Wealth ultima you brought up months ago?




No, not yet. We’ve been discussing the direction we want to go next. More announcements will come soon.




If I’m quiet for a few days, don’t be alarmed…

… just finished installing Cyberpunk 2077 on the PlayStation 5. :wink:


Let us know how it is lol, i am currently playing Valhalla on Xone, I want series X and PS5 but waiting till next year when finances are straightened out and other things are going.

Have fun with it you certainly deserve it.