Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


any ETA on stack article?


Sunday, hopefully.


just looked up the trailer for this
holy shit that looks amazing.
got chillz…I haven’t been into gaming in a while.
But this strongly gives me the urge .

I’ll understand if we don’t see you for a while lol


Cries in PS4 :disappointed_relieved:


Please also include how to run three customs and get sufficient exposure to all of them :sweat_smile:


This is what I think were up too:(customs or regular won’t make a difference for the formatting of these I imagine)

Q subs stack procedure (2 q subs, 3 q subs, 4 q subs etc)
Q stack with Ultima
Terminus with Q
Terminus with Q stack
Terminus with Ultima
Terminus with Q and Ultima
Terminus with Q stack and Ultima
Terminus with Terminus-or not ( I think this was recommended against-so all following permutations would be mute)
Terminus with Terminus and Q
Terminus with Terminus, and Q, and Ultima
Terminus with Terminus and Q Stack
Terminus with Terminus and Q stack with Ultima

not even gonna try this with T2


Is there any preview for the new park before release?


If that happens then call me the next Bill Gates


Isn’t QL beneficial for someone wanting to learn coding/programming? I would think long term use of QL and BLU would put someone in the optimal state ?


Still early for me to talk about it but I had a “dark day” which caused me to abstain from QL for a week. Back on track starting today (Stage 2). It’s working well but nothing crazy yet, learning has been easier. I have a game development project I’m working on starting next week so we will see how it goes:)

Who knows maybe I’m making a game inspired by Subliminal Club:()


@CyberSec Are you working in the industry or learning to get a promotion or make a career change?


I’m still a highschool student so I’m self teaching myself to do it.


@CyberSec My apologies. I wasn’t aware. For some reason I always assume people on here are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Me being the resident old man at 52


Aha no worries, I always get surprised when people say they’re around that age. Probably because I started Subliminals when I was 15 so yeah.


@CyberSec that explains why you’re having issues with the subliminal at times. I wouldn’t rush things. If you’re still running Stage one stay at it for 60 to 90 days. I have no idea why anyone thinks 30 days is optimal. At that point you’re just scratching the surface.
I know it’s not recommended for people new to SubClub but if I had access to Dragon Reborn in my teens I would not have made the immature decisions and mistakes I did


I was knocked on my a$$ by a migraine yesterday, had to attend my last meeting of the day in voice-only as I had an ice pack across my eyes and that just wouldn’t have looked right on a Zoom video. Not that I’d have seen anything anyways, I lose about 50% of my vision with a migraine, right at the center of my focus.

When will this be available??


Not soon enough


We in the same boat currently am finishing up some stuff to release my game

Are you strictly into game development the coding aspect or are you into game design as well?


Like I said in my other posts I’m more of a cybersecurity type guy but since (Hopefully) I will get into computer science in cegep I will have programming and game programming I taught why not start early.

I’ve made my own games before just like full in development mode. Some of the games I made:

A 3D and a 2D action game when I was 9 years old in unity.
An RPG horror game based on anime.
Both were really fun projects to work on the longest game I made was the RPG one which lasted around 1-3 hours and took 3 months to make.
Currently learning java then I’m going to learn html while learning more Game Dev.


And I’ve actually never done game design fun fact I used pre made designs and use blender (I think it’s called been a long time since I used it) to make the design the way I want it to be.