Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


Enjoy yourself it one of those game ive been meaning to get and play, am design games so less time to play them


That is awesome!


Thanks looking to craft out the right custom sub and ultima to help me with game design/development


Nice! With everything on offer, seems like the challenge would be what to leave out, rather than which ones to include.


Yeap thats the 50/50 struggle with customs sub if you ask me lol but its a campaign problem


@NinjaFox Do you have your own journal somewhere on here, where you’re discussing your process in more detail?


Yes i do am currently running mind eye and eog till end of this year.
Am waiting for module park 3 to drop so i can write up my ideas on my custom sub and ultima ideas if anything


Hello @SaintSovereign,
I am looking for a subliminal to help with non fiction writing and web development. I need creativity and intelligence. Will this Renaissance Man help? When will it be released? This year? I can wait and cant afford to buy more than 2 products.


You could always build a custom sub suited for your needs, or you can look up ultimate artist.


Yeah I looked at doing a custom subliminal, but it would be at least US $250, this is the price of like 6 regular subliminal. Ultimate Artist doesn’t look like a good choice because I wanted creativity in general, for writing and web development. I need to really ponder this choice. I dont want to highjack this thread, but if you can advise on a good custom choice it would be a good starting point for me. I have my thread here Hello, which subliminal is good for me?


Honestly Stark and ultimate artist combined would be your best bet or stark with Beyond Limitless or Ultimate Artist with Beyond limitless. Ultimate Artist would be great for your writing and help with the creative aspects.


Dont start with custom anyways. Go for Stark. OR Quantum Limitless, OR both.

Or you can go for Stark and Beyond Limitless Ultima.


Start from Quantum Limitless. Or if you want to go super-trim, Limitless.

Eventually, when you are building a Custom or a Custom Ultima. You can include Ultimate Writer.
Also The Spotlight (to help with drawing attention to your website, if that’s relevant).

When you do get around to building a Custom, keep in mind that, if you have a very specific goal, less is more. A pinpointed custom with fewer modules is going to work more efficiently.

By the way, just as in my above post, there’s a tendency to throw out the most apparently or superficially logical suggestions in response to questions that people have posted. But you know your situation best. Choose your subliminal strategy to match your own obstacles, challenges, and pivot points.

What’s blocking you, personally, from taking action?
What’s blocking you, personally, from achieving desired outcomes?

Commenters here, including me, will not necessarily know the answers to those questions just from hearing a general description of your goals. But once you have the answers to those questions, whatever you choose will be more effective.

Hello, which subliminal is good for me?

The long awaited multi-title stack advice article coming tomorrow, 12.13.20. :slight_smile:


proof of Ultima Writer right there.


Does the article also include the stack rotation concept?


Gahhhhhhh, this is going to clear up a bunch of confusion that can arise. I know I had some and the forum helped a lot but I can’t wait to read it. I hate that I’m ahead by 5-8 hours sometimes haha.

Most likely, but only time will tell really unless Saint answers before it drops.


It’s the 14th in Australia now… Just saying :slight_smile:


where is it :crazy_face::sob::sob:


Gonna have to delay the article until tomorrow, ya’ll. Going through some serious reconciliation (this is why we don’t release certain prototypes) and I can barely think. Tried playing Cyberpunk 2077, lifting, eating – no resolution. Gonna have to sleep this off.