Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


thanks for letting us know,
take care of yourself.


I’d rather have an awesome article that I have to wait a few days for.

In these types of reconciliation events, I find 9 or 10 hours of sleep can really help.


Now you know how we feel with reconcilliation lol


he already did


Oh shoot. @SaintSovereign I didn’t even consider the fact that my recent bout of laziness/not doing the main things might be reconciliation itself!


Ya’ll don’t know reconciliation. I’m running subliminals with raw scripting – none of the niceties we put into major titles to help prevent reconciliation. Reconciliation from raw scripting makes you want to hide in your room, cry and never come out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya’ll are lucky.


You’ve piqued my interest! Give us a heavy hitter raw scripting sub.

Please wreck us, kind sir. :eyes:


As opposed to when I just cry myself to sleep?


A-(the hell)-men

I’m 47. Over the years, I’ve had maybe a few minor run-ins with some of the more ornery areas of my mind. I’m willing to do it when necessary. But I’m not freaking asking for it.

On my desirability list, it’s somewhere close to ‘Endure a Cavity Search at the Airport’ (…performed by irritable guards…in a country with an authoritarian regime…following a 14-hour flight…during which I was unable to sleep).

Okay. I’m exaggerating. Sometimes you’ve got to slog through the shit. But I’m not into fetishizing or glorifying it. And I’m grateful as hell to the pioneers who go through difficulty, so we don’t have to, in order to figure out better ways to reach our destinations.


Eh, this is how I feel whenever I see my bank statement.

You can do this!! :muscle:


Are you playing it on console?


Unfortunately. I was desperate to start using my PlayStation 5. I actually have a rather powerful Alienware laptop and should’ve gotten it for that instead.


@SaintSovereign Will this major tittle (Renaissance man) have scripting to keep whatever skills you learn/learned at a very high level so that it does did even when you not practicing as much i dont know maybe a skill preservation module?

What you thoughts on deus in a custon ultima?


Don’t worry man, I think I saw somewhere this Cyberpunk is actually for the PS4, the update coming soon is the one for the PS5 to take advantage of the hardware. It’s going to be sweet in no time.

Try AC Valhalla! :muscle:


I was going to buy Cyberpunk for my boyfriend for Christmas and now I’ve just read the reviews. God darnit. :sob:


Haha… yeah… it’s not so bad, but when I ran it on my PS4 it sounded like a jet engine! I’m afraid it would toast my console.

I’ll wait for the PS5 to drop here and play it on there. By that time they’ll have the bugs figured out.

Hey RDR2, GTA V, AC Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla and GoW. Can’t go wrong with these


The boyfriend loves RDR2, I’ve yet to check out the other games you’ve suggested but I will in a second. I want some big games for us to play, possibly multiplayer games too.

Yeah I heard that it really doesn’t play well on last gen consoles and is only really doing good on PCs but even then it’s not the greatest due to some glitches.

@SaintSovereign how are you finding it dude? I’m guessing it’s glitchy af for you on the PS5?


Lol, yeah. It’s all over place, how it looks on consoles. Reference:


It being first person is a turn off for me, only FPS I like is Doom.



Man, that’s so wack. I only heard of Cyberpunk recently but apparently it’s been in the works for 7 years and they got that outcome? Man that’s so disappointing. I’m not a massive fan of 1st person modes either, except CoD.


It’s great on PC