Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


The reconciliation on this prototype is a nightmare. It’s got to be the O.G. Blue Skies causing this. The subliminal itself is very energy intensive, causing me to eat non-stop. I’m guessing that part is all the brain development scripting.

It hits every day around 6pm and throws me into an absolute tail spin. Gonna go sleep it off. This is the part that ya’ll normally don’t see or experience.



Hope you feel better soon my man, get some rest and hopefully you figure out what’s causing it (if it isn’t Blue Skies)


I’m curious to know what your listening pattern is if it hits at 6pm. I’ve noticed reconciliation can manifest 1 or 2 hours after listening for me. It sort of peaks and gradually disperses throughout the day.

Also is the reconciliation you experience mental or physical or a combo?


Odyssey and Valhalla are awesome… i just miss ship combat that was in odyssey


Go Halo lol, Halo is probably my favorite all time FPS just the series in general then Battlefield/Battlefront series and CoD MWF 1&2 and BO2. Oh and The older Grand theft Auto and Saints Row lol


I listen to my stack overnight. Physical and emotional reconciliation.


What you go through for us …
Appreciate all your efforts buddy.


If Renaissance Man was as massive and intensive as Dragon Reborn is I would take it with my eyes closed, no questions asked.


Masked or ultrasonic? I always have this doubt that ultrasonic at night may disrupt sleep. Or subliminals altogether may.


Masked, with earbuds. I use valerian root and melatonin to fall asleep. Helps with the discomfort of wearing earbuds.



Thank you for the stack article.

Do you or anyone you’ve tested with experience physical reconciliation
from masked subs only as extreme jaw and neck tension, muscle spasms and/or tinnitus?


For some people, the ultrasonic works well for sleep and masked disrupts sleep. For me, ultrasonic disrupts sleep. You could experiment perhaps when you have the next day off (from work or school) and notice any effects.


I left my day job today. Despite that fact that it paid quite well, it’s time for me to focus full time on SubClub and our other business ventures. This means that I’ll be able to finally give attention to some of the things that’s been lacking – writing more support articles, cleaning up the existing ones, writing a new instruction manual, cleaning up the website and of course, developing new titles / builds. It’ll also give me much more time to flex my creative muscles, something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now. I’m both excited and terrified, but I know that I’ll be successful either way.

@Fire and I will be meeting tomorrow morning for our first strategy session on how to fill up this all this new open time. :slight_smile:


Inspring. Hope for me yet to do the same as well :slight_smile:


I just now thought to ask. I hope this isn’t just reconciliation from O.G. Blue Skies :wink:


Naw. What happened happened for a reason and could not happen any other way.


Respect, @SaintSovereign

You are a trailblazer in so many ways, and this is your path to walk.

a lot of people here rooting for your continuing and increasing flourishing and thriving. i add my voice to the chorus.

your avatar symbol says it all. equanimity and balance in the midst of incisive, focused growth (in the midst of equanimity and balance).

peace to you and @Fire. Wishing you all the best.


The other day you were talking about how you don’t have to test every little bit of your funnels and still get great ROIs.

I’m surprised, as in why’d you do a job with that in your toolbox. Of course, I’m not suggesting you anything. Although I know (not hope, lol) that you’ll make much more than what you did at your job.

And once again, gratitude for bringing us these life changing instruments of self change.


I was another source of income he could invest in his business plans and after calculating his options, it occurred it’s better to invest more of his time in SC.

My personality sub-type Observer/Investigator at work. :heart_eyes:


You left your job with a good, stable, and safe income to devote more of your time to something BIGGER, which is basically the same I did 8 days ago with dropping out of med school…
Coincidence? Reconciliation? Collective energies or just business calculatio?

“The number 8 is generally read as indicating material abundance and career success”

Who will be the next in 8 days from now? :wink: