Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


This is something that all the new commers and disbelievers should read.

Some people say Subclub dont work hey…

Well done @SaintSovereign.
This is only the start for u and @Fire


I guess I’m feeling for that big decision you had to make. I lost my main source of income due to this pandemic, this feels to me like this is such a big deal to give up on. You know inside yourself that you made the right choice, and what’s done is done, there’s no other way but forward. You crossed the rubicon so to speak.

You guys are going to grow this exponentially and by this time next year you’ll be buying your own yacht and inviting us along.

Reserve a parking for our yacths too… :grin:


For what reason did you include Blue Skies in that build? What effects did you notice so far?
Because I am thinking about combining QL and Blue Skies


Blue Skies helps you find your place in the world. O.G. Blue Skies was just a bit too much. I’m not sure why I added O.G. over regular, but I – cannot – stomach that scripting, for some reason.


Keeps or stops you from having an existential crisis?


Hey, by how much has the subliminal increased your writing abilities? And, do you think it might help in improving your scripting of subliminals, it’s an upward spiral if that happens. Subliminal to write better subliminals.


Not sure yet, as I haven’t had time to sit down and write anything. We have a massive backlog of things that I’ve wanted to do to improve SubClub and we’re just now starting to get through that list (for example, releasing a new instruction manual). I will say this, Renaissance Man is changing my entire outlook on life, though it’s a very tough sub to run. I’m much more playful, less “cold” toward others and I have a TON of writing and musical ideas. Going to work on some music and potentially a short screenplay (there’s a contest that I want to enter) this weekend and we’ll see.


Am very much looking forward to run Renaissance Man after am done with Dragon Reborn. Especially since I feel lost regarding purpose, career, my writing talent and other hidden gifts. Even though it’s still some time away, I get excited hearing about it

It’s been many years since I have heard the concept of being a Renaissance Man. At first I thought it would be cool to do but it was an uphill task considering my mindset and circumstances at the time. But when RM releases, I will grab it with much gusto

Hoping it would have powerful wealth manifestations to go along with the various skill building. I want to take on the world and the very many exciting things in it through Mastery of various disciplines


I keep saying, subclub titles hit much deeper than they seem at first sight. I was thinking to start DR from new year, 6-8 months on each stage. I believe that’s the minimum time to stick with a subliminal for deep growth. Isn’t that right?

Also, I have a few resources to help you in your writing, if you want. I’ll be pumped to pass them along.


The funny thing is my custom is made exactly for that and hacking.


I ran six loops of Primarch Complete Ultima (should change the title, as it’s no longer a prototype) last night, and the emotional pain / reconciliation is almost unbearable. It trips me out when people say they can’t “feel” anything from the subliminals, because this is a nightmare, lol. Last week, it was Renaissance Man, this week Primarch Complete. That being said, I’m pretty sure this time it’s because of the number of loops. I looked at the script about an hero and realized that I’m probably pushing my body and mind pretty hard by running it for so many loops.

Male enhancement

I’m guessing there is no plan to release that any time soon?


Just a guess (or more like an educated hypothesis), you’ve run a lot of loops in the past of QLQ and BLU, and there’s also the music production angle and creative outlets building that hemispheric bridge. That all primes you to be able to feel the subconscious mind better especially since QLQ brings the two closer together into alignment.

There are a wide variety of circumstances that can take those two out of alignment, and (IMO) that’s the primary cause of the conscious mind not feeling or acknowledging the messsages coded in the subs.


Emperor Tony-Wan is correct :grin: I have began to feel the effects and sometimes, I would get a hint of the scripting, according to my mind’s interpretation, ever since I began incorporating art into my waking life with its different forms.


By just hearing this am guessing that the recommendation on loops is just to prevent any reconciliation and stonewalling but also keep you on some stable growth with your stack.
Will there be a advance recommendation for user how have use your product for so time or like you say experiment is the name of the game at SC?


Not now. Need to test it, see how it performs. So far, so good (outside of the reconciliation).


We will give recommendations. I’m just trying to find my sweet spot for now.

RVConsultant: Topics, Ideas, and maybe Q&A

Check your messages when you get the chance please @SaintSovereign


@friday want to hear you feedback on my custom build, check on my last update
Community help with custom subs

Community help with custom subs

Well, that explains a lot. I forgot the weird Ultima error occurring with Apple music, where it plays the track for two hours instead of one. I’ve been so puzzled how 3 loops of Primarch Complete Ultima and 2 loops of Renaissance Man is causing so much reconciliation, but it looks like I’ve been running six looks of Primarch and 4 loops of Renaissance Man due to the error, hahahahaha.

Well, then.

We’ve contacted Apple to see what the issue is – we’re not the only one experiencing this. Other software developers whose applications encode mp3s are saying the same thing.