Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


This gives a whole new meaning to “make it a double”.


Diamond ultima on vlc on pc shows up as 2 hours becomes 1 hour after it starts playing shows up fine as 1 hour on my phone and mp3 players though. thats the first ultima that its happened to me weirdly enough


We’ll look into this.


So Saint is stacking a super Big Mac.


Not sure if this is relevant but there is alot of internet chatter (Search) on this, might find some information inside the rabbit hole.



I’ll send this to Q-Programmer. Did you test this solution? If so, what were your results? Thanks!


I wonder what would happen if I took Libertine and replaced every sexual reference to that of positivity and love. Instead of a sexual aura, you’d radiate an aura of love, wisdom and positivity…

Anyone game? :wink:

Main Disc. / Dev. Thread - Love Bomb Ultima Mk. II Prototype
Main Disc. Thread - Ultima

Fuckin A. Sign me up.


Sign me the hell up. I’d get way more utility out of this than libertine right now.


So everybody gets free hugs?


I’m generally already a pretty positive upbeat guy but yeah I’d be interested in seeing how much higher I can get


My first response was “Game?!.. Is anyone game??! Good god, man!..”


but then about .6 milliseconds after that, I thought, ‘hmmm…well maybe love and wisdom…I’m not sure about positivity’

super-bright Lights sometimes give rise to complementary Shadows.

Don’t want to hang out with the Holy, Divine, New Age, Puer Aeternus gang. I hope though that you wouldn’t script it like that. So, I’d still be down.

If by positive, we mean growth-oriented, resilient, accommodating and integrating experiences into a healthy balanced view. I’m in.

But if we mean, righteous, ‘of the light’, repressing the Shadow, acting ‘Good’. Then I’m good…or I’m ‘not good’…or well you know what I mean…:rofl:


What if you combined the sexual aura and the aura of positivity?


Sign me up!!! That would be the exact aura i was dreaming of


Sign me up.


These are 2 different energies I believe. Sexual energy and other is the one of positivity. I prefer the one of positivity.

I also believe that this aura of positivity was a part of commander ultima.

A man radiating aura of positivity is like a beacon of passion. Passion for his vision which easily “infects” others as most people have almost no passion towards what they do.


That’s a pretty great idea


Why not? I’m all in.


Positivity is made mainstream by people who don’t even know what they talk about.

Positivity is an important trait. And it defines what an individual attracts in his life. I used to consider myself “scientific” individual. Judged everything by numbers and stats until I realised I had become the main drainer of myself, aka negative.

Now I’m on the path of becoming positive again. Infusing myself with enthusiasm, spreading my passion all around myself.


i’m in, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: