Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


If nothing else, it would be a grand experiment. I’m curious if the auras would stack though. If you used both Libertine and an aura like this could you create a hybrid aura?


I’m considering the addition of PCC to my stack; don’t want to be too much of a nice guy.

It’s game on, if the Aura of Love Ultima includes the Santa Claus module

:hugs: :santa: :hugs:


That could be good, but how about an aura of competence, solidness, and trustworthiness? I’m thinking about a pre job interview sub, but it could have many uses.


I’m in

also would be interested in a 50/50 sexual/love or other ratios?

Would you call it Lovertine…


isn’t that commander?


The Hopeless Romantic. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s funny on so many different levels.

Edit after your edit- still funny in a different way


Please add a tailored version of Emperor’s Voice in it…

Morgan Freeman Ultima



or you could call it Ovaltine…

…because the shape of the aura is…

never mind


@SaintSovereign - A separate product similar to Libertine and based on Love would be okay. I still prefer the sexual side


I am IN @SaintSovereign It would be great to start the year 2021 with love wisdom and positivity !!!


Holy shit turning us into saints …lol


hahaha you killing me :rofl:… but that would be awesome tbh


What if you did that but replaced it with positivity and something do to with drawing in wealth?


This idea could evolve into a full fleged Romance Mastery product line.

Basically you have a whole Sex mastery product line here. PS for manifestation/game, Libertine for sex aura, SM for sex skills and D as a pleasure/physiology booster. Full spectrum of sex

The same thing can be done with romance/courtship. Manifestation/Romance, Aura, Skills, and pleasure/physiology booster. Full spectrum of love.

Can be unisex. Can work for both new couples and to rekindle emotions in old/ancient couples too


Aura of Love + Emperor =


For me its more: The Alchemist + Libertine :smile:


Love aura, lets do it


Love, Joy, and Peace!



Has the potential to turn life 180° around too. I totally forgot about that chart.