Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


@Hermit that’s exactly what I thought of too, ascending to higher vibrations


Don’t forget about enlightenment. :slight_smile:


This is awesome, definitely game


We thought you were never going to ask! Sign me up please.

Then replace it with wealth or money as the next version.


Lets test this


Dr. Hawkins scale! Let’s transcend the level of consciousness :slight_smile:


most here don’t want enlightenment on that scale

reconciliation on level 700 involves your nervous system processing the suffering of mankind in total lol

Unconditional Love for a life in the marketplace would be quite sufficient :slight_smile:


Go for 900 and that will counter balance how many millions of people?


700 and up is 70 million +


There’s never been a single thing.
So where’s defiling dust to cling?
If you can reach the heart of this,
Why talk of transcendental bliss?
Huangbo Xiyun [LoC 960] (770-850 AD) Chinese Chan master of Zen Buddhism, source unknown


@SaintSovereign Sounds intriguing although I worry about being overly optimistic


1000 at a minimum.


Thought that quote was from Hui Neng the sixth patriarch. Now I have to go and check.



With all the new tech and physical shifting stuff, the effectiveness of Diamond Ultima etc, is there any chance of/or anything on the horizon for people who can’t run Ultima or ultrasonics to be able to or for dealing with tinnitus?

I know there are legal stipulations around health advice that I don’t fully understand but just curious if anything like that may or could be in the works?


I’m no expert I just saw it and pulled it, so you could be right


Just the upgrades to Q – both build method and scripting techniques. We’ll never abandon Q for the reason you just mentioned.


that’s awesome and much appreciated

I mis-phrased what I meant though…

.I meant any tech or programs on the horizon
that people who cannot listen to Ultima or ultrasonics could use to be able to become people
who can listen to Ultima and ultrasonic—like a healing or physical tech that could accomplish that transition. I don’t know if that is possible for physical and/or legal reasons but was wondering.


nope. just a similar one.

There’s this famous story about Hui Neng. Said to be illiterate. But he heard the monks proclaiming about this famous zen poem, and he was like, ‘naaah…’. Created his own response to it, which has since become a revered Zen poem.

This sounded like it could have been a version of that. But wasn’t.

I guess zen is zen? or that was now, this is zen?




I’m going to add to it


@Azriel you mean a tinnitus remover? @SaintSovereign that could be possible with the upcoming tech wouldn’t it?