Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


A tinnitus remover or something for people who are sensitive negatively to ultrasonic.

For tinnitus remover-

tinnitus can be developed without any hearing loss or structural damage whatsoever and even when there is hearing loss or structural damage, it is a neurological issue predominantly from my understanding. Case after case of person’s shows emotional and stress response induce and reduce it. As does a cognitive understanding and re-framing of the focus of/on the sound as a threat or not. I can see this kind of thing being highly subject to subs being effective with it.

For persons who can’t use ultrasonic to be able to-I have no idea what that would entail.


Have you tried bone-conducting headphones?
I don´t know if it trigger Tinnitus or not, but they use vibration rather than sound to transmit the audio.
I use Aeropex for both Q and Ultima to good effect. (Diamond was fast to show…)


I’ll check them out, thanks for the suggestion!

I can actually use Utlima on speakers and occasional on headphones but not daily.
There was a period of time when I couldn’t though at all, so I can relate to not being able to and investigating based on that.


are these them?


Yes! My favorite investment these days!


awesome! is that your exact model? I will get the same thing you use to a T and try it out?


I use Aeropex, yes! (But black not red.)
Aftershokz make other, cheaper models aswell, but I have no experience with those.
You can listen to subs at the same time that you have a conversation with someone as your ears are “free” because of the bone-conduction. Great!


No politics, y’all. This could turn nasty very quickly.



Happy New Year

How was your holiday?


Awesome, thanks for asking.

It went great, other than getting beaten 234348 times by @Fire in Hearthstone. :wink:

How was yours (and everyone else)?


I think your subs “broke” me in a good way. I finished reading “The 12-Week Year” for a 2nd time. I just wrote up a 12-week list of goals to send to my manager.

Broke. Fixed. whatever :wink:


This has got to be a hint about what modules are being released next!


Pretty good, other than I was working. I really felt the DR in DE kick in on another level on New Year’s Eve/New year’s morning.


I’m taking O.G. Blue Skies out of Renaissance Man. I thought it would be a good decision considering the sub’s target goal, and I do feel it working, but it causes some insane multi-day reconciliation.


Khan shifted me so much that i am a changed person. Im on leave now and used ths time to stick to one subliminal and its mind blowing what it can do. This is only the start. When you do have some time please read my journal and feel free to offer insights.


Will you be substituting it with the (new) Blue Skies version how it is in the q-Store. Why not?


Not sure yet, but most likely. O.G. Blue Skies took over the prototype, essentially and “muted” the rest of the script. I need to see how it performs without Blue Skies.


When you say muted. Is that basically all your resources were tied up in Blue Skies and there was nothing left for the other parts?


Yes, exactly this.


Paragon Ultima is causing some serious reconciliation. Not sure why, but my body does indeed seem to be healing. I can sense it. The reconciliation, however, is causing me to become afraid of weird medical maladies. That being said… I was also running six loops a night, so let this be a warning to those who think they can ignore the recommendations. Don’t end up like me and lose days of productivity. :rofl: