Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


Yes, I’d like DR to hit me even more deeply via name-embedding. :smiley:


I plan to get AscensionQ, RegenerationQ and Mind’s Eye name embedded to rock with those for awhile, and then get my original sub Emperor name embedded and get back into the Journey to Greatness.

Also, you commenting just reminded me that I need to reread Man for Himself to see your journey with Mind’s Eye and growing visualization skill :+1:t3:


it is beautiful…could you mind share where this piece comes from ?


It’s “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman”


Aww dammit man I thought that was a download link I’ve never clicked anything so fast in my life :joy:

First Diamond, now this. You’re a mind reader for shit I want from subliminals. Release this one and I’ll buy in a heart beat. Come on, it’s my birthday (no joke) lol.


So did I! :wink:


Running Love Bomb Prototype Mk. II through Q. We haven’t done a public experimental in awhile… might upload as a free test sub for anyone who has purchased Libertine. Mk. I was interesting. But, I’m going withhold giving out any details just in case we do a public test.


That would be a super great idea !


Count me in. I’m so far in I’m in the center and there’s nowhere else further in I can go!

er…just count me in.


Count me in too for a test


Looking forward to trying this out.


@SaintSovereign I want to be a part of the test, but I haven’t purchased libertine.


Might wanna get it just in case :slight_smile: Libertine is awesome.


I’m saving up for a new custom terminus once Renaissance Man comes out


Generosity is an effect of Love Bomb. :blush: :ok_hand:t2:



at the risk of sounding like a greedy customer,

When are you planning to release Renaissance Man in the Q store?


I wont be part of this test. Going to just keep running my stack.


Thank you very much @mecharc


my apologies, i used that word to exaggerate the humour.


If you have a clingy / touchy feely romantic partner, Love Bomb can be annoying af. Jeez. Hahahaha. Wonder what would happen if I ran Libertine x 1, followed by Love Bomb x 1…